Friday, July 19, 2013

Soooooo today didn't exactly go as planned....

Today I learned that if you ever want to be seen quickly at the ER, all you have to do is walk in and tell them your legs and ankles are swollen and you're feeling short of breath. Within three minutes you'll find yourself in a wheel chair being taken back to your own room.

Long story short, last night my ankles started swelling to massive proportions. This morning they were still swollen as were my entire legs, part of my back and arms. After discussing it with my Dr, it was decided that I should go to the ER.

So I drove myself.

Yes, Yes I did! not the first time either, and most likely won't be the last!

I spent a lovely 5 ish hours at my favorite hospital.

After being taken back to my room I had an EKG, heart checked out great, then blood work. After my blood work things really heated up as My D-Dimer (i think) was off the charts high. The ER Doc nonchalantly came in and told me this and that it meant that I had blood clots in my legs or lungs, or possibly both. And that we were going to do an ultrasound of my legs and then a contrast CAT scan of my lungs to figure out where they were all at.

um. I'm sorry what? I'm 31! How in the world would I have blood clots? I was inwardly freaking out right then, and she is still nonchalantly talking like this happens all the time, and telling me about the shots I'll have to do in my belly (Nearly had a heart attack on that one. She doesn't know how very close I was to passing out at that moment) and then take medicine long term ect ect ect.

While this is all going on I'm at the hospital alone, trying to recite a verse to myself over and over to calm myself down. I waited for the tests to be ran while I texted my friends and my mom, so thankful for my phone being one of the rare ones that gets reception in the ER. Thank you Lord!!

At this point I have to say how grateful I am for my wonderful friends. Emboz was out of state on vacation and worried about me, so much that she called Jboz and sent her to find me at the hospital to sit with me. That pretty much made me want to bawl. Such love from both of them!

My Audra went home from work, met her hubby who has been gone on business all week, and was going to give up her precious time with him to come see me. That meant so much to me. I can't even tell you.

And of course my Katie Marie who I can always count on in times of trouble, sauntered right into my hospital room after I returned from my final test. I was so happy to have her with me waiting for the results. She was a great distraction!

I thought I was handling things not freaking out, but she will tell you that my voice was several octaves higher than it normally is!!

And I cannot leave out all of my other friends who were texting me, and having their friends and small groups pray for me. I truly believe in the power of Prayer and that God had heal people and protect them. And I believe he did that for me.

As Katie Marie and I were waiting, the DR finally came in and low and behold I have NO blood clots! ZERO! My heart, my lungs, legs, all of it looked perfect! It turns out that I am one of a very rare few people in the world whose normal level of the D-Dimer is actually high. Much higher than the rest of the world. Doesn't mean that anything is wrong, just means that's how God made me.

I really wish she would have mentioned that when she came in and said hey you have blood clots, and started going into the whole shots and medicine, ect ect. But I guess it is so rare that people have the higher elevation without blood clots.

I like to be the exception to the rule.


So thousands of dollars of tests later, one near heart attack, one unexplained fever, 2 leg ultrasounds (pictured above), one Warm Contrast CAT Scan, one IV (no I didn't cry), several vials of blood and some urine later.. and NO hospital cup later (i was really upset about that) I was sent home.

The kicker is she said there is no medical reason for my leg swelling. But there is nothing to be worried about with it. So that is good.

So thankful that I am OK and that I don't have anything life threatening, and hallelujah, NO NEEDLES AND SHOTS!

The worst part about the whole ordeal, well other than the not getting the awesome hospital cup, was when I arrived and told them my symptoms and they were flurrying around. The front desk guy called someone and was telling them about me and said I was an adult woman in her 30's. And he had to repeat it several times. I was highly offended. I really wanted to say EXCUSE ME??!!!! I am 31 THANKYOUVERYMUCH not 30's! I realize that I was unshowered and had no makeup and my hair in a questionable pony tail, but really was it necessary to hit me while I'm down?

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