Monday, July 15, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

 I had a lovely weekend! Sunday I was really excited as the former American Idol contestant, Joanna Beasley, was at my church to lead worship! I go to a church that is one church-with multiple locations. Typically we have a video of our Lead Pastor Steve Poe preaching on the big screen, and each campus has their own worship. The main campus is Carmel is super big, so all of the special guests usually go there. So we miss out alot at our small campus here in Lafayette! 

Our worship leader just left to be a pastor in MO, so we've had a variety of fill in's while we try to fill his place. Well today Joanna Beasley just happened to be our fill in! And a pretty awesome one at that! She has a beautiful voice and was super nice and so easy to talk to! I  asked her for a picture as she was walking by and complimented me on my purse. So we took a picture and chatted and she was just a nice normal person!

 After church I hurried back to my house, good thing I live only a few mins away! Downed a sandwich really fast and shimmied into my bathing suit! I spent a glorious 3 hours at the pool! It was BEAUTIFUL outside!! I plugged my earbuds in and rocked out to some Florida Georgia Line while I tanned.

I posted this pic on fb and said i was trying to get some color. I did get alot of color. Just not the color I was planning on.
 I finally made myself lay on my stomach (I hate doing that!) and tan my back and the back of my legs. The small tan I have had has had a line stopping at the whiteness of my back legs. Bless my heart.

I had planned on staying for maybe 2 hours. Well after 2 hours I hopped in the wading pool to cool off and refresh myself before I went back to my house. Well then a little boy with special needs came over and we started playing and splashing eachother and he was just giggling and giggling. It was the sweetest sound! He was having the time of his life! And I just couldn't stop that for him! So we played for an hour and then his Dad was taking him home. I looked at my arms and chest and realized I was red, and hoofed it home. Albeit a bit too late. It was worth it though!
This weekend, Friday night actually, I posted some stuff on Craigslist and another site. When I got up saturday I had a message from a lady wanting to buy my coffee table set that i've been trying to get rid of for a year! I sold that Saturday, and Sunday evening I drove over to a meeting spot and sold 11 purses, again that i've had since i moved here, to another lady. I snapped this picture of the sun beams as I was sitting in line at Wendy's for s Frosty cone. Which btw was very yummy!
This picture was taken early in the evening. As I write this right now i am MUCH MUCH redder than this pic. And yes, it HURTS!
 I basically look like I'm wearing a red turtleneck. Since I went to church before the pool I had my makeup on, which has SPF in it. So my face is as white as it always is, and the rest of me is burnt. I don't know why but it really amuses me! I struggle.
My poor pink legs. They are red now. I need to work more on tanning my feet apparently.

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