Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

So I am a little late to the whole weekend wrap up post, and it's not because I was busy today! On the contrary I have been up since 9:30 am, cooked two meals, cleaned the final boxes out of my spare room closet-more on that later, and watched way too much Sister Wives. Ok so maybe I was legitimately busy, except for the last item.

On to it!

 I had a great weekend! Friday at her lesson Taya told me about the huge garage sale that was going on at her church the next day. She had been working there all week, helping get set up, ect. They were raising money for a future missions trip for the teens and I could not pass that up! So I got up way early for a Saturday and I was so happy that I did! Taya carried around all of my books, bless her heart, I got 11 books and they were up to her eyeballs literally!!! I also got the super cute basket she's holding-to give to my Mom. I also got the red tulips and a cute vase as well! And I only paid 4.00 for all of it! I am holding a second bag of books in my other hand that you can't see. Some of them were brand new and some of my fave authors! Soooo well worth getting up early! I had such fun and was so happy that Taya had invited me!

After that I ran some more errands and finally mailed off a Wedding Present from May. yes, I struggle.

Saturday after all that I needed a short nap, and then I was recharged to work some more on my spare room! It's really coming along! Still have no clue what I am going to use it for, but dangit if that closet isn't going to be clean and organized!!
 Sunday was Church and thankfully I was feeling well enough to go. With my stomach issues I am not always able to attend church and I hate that. So I very much appreciate when I am able to go and Worship. It was wonderful! We had such a powerful joyful service. I was singing to God with all my might, I felt like I couldn't get my voice to be loud enough to Praise him!

I haven't posted much about it here but my Grams has been dealing with Metastatic Ovarian Cancer and it has been horrible. Many times we did not think she would survive. About a week and a half ago after her normal cat scan we found out that she is currently Cancer Free! No more chemo! She had over 6 weeks left and the Dr told her they do not treat what is not there! 

When my Mom called and gave me the news I was so shocked. I still am. After I got off the phone with her I was so overcome and didn't know what to do. I immediately thought, I have to pray! Praying on my couch wasn't going to cut it, so I literally dropped to my knees in my living room (and was also thankful my carpet had just been cleaned!) and attempted to pray. But the only words I could get out as I cried happy happy tears, were Thank You Jesus, Thank You Jesus. I think he understood. :) 

So Church was amazing.

I could tell you about my Target trip after church and the entire book I read that afternoon but I think I'll leave it at that.

So thankful to God for his hand holding us, all the time.

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