Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Zoie, Jesus and Buck Creek Pizza!

 I have been looking forward to Saturday for quite some time! Because on Saturday, I was able to meet up with my friend Zoie, who I went to college with at PCC! We were both Music Majors and were in almost all of the same classes every single day! As you can imagine we were quite close, especially after we found out that we were both from Indiana! I hadn't seen her since her wedding despite us living a little over an hour away from eachother! Sad, I know! But Saturday she was in my town for an Anniversary party so we were able to meet up! I got to meet her little boy Kellam, and see her Hubby Mike!

 They came over to my place and we talked and played with Kellam and looked at old pictures of our college days, reminiscing about the crazy things that went on at PCC! The look on Mikey's face during this was priceless! You don't understand it unless you have been there! Finally we realized we were STARVING and we headed out to eat some good ol Buck Creek Pizza! They were fans of it! You can never go wrong with Buck Creek Pizza! Kellam was such a sweet and GOOD little boy! I loved him! He was such a good cleaner-upper too, that kid loves to throw trash away!
 Such a sweetie!
 Zonie is known for her funny faces in pictures. I have more funny face pictures of her than I do normal faces! Sadly she has not passed that skill on to me during our 13 years of friendship. Maybe by 23 years I will get some good faces of my own. As of right now I struggle. You'll notice that Kellam has a great face. Clearly she is raising her son well!
 I nearly forgot to do this pose! I have one of me doing this to Emboz and it cracks me up! Zonie is preggo with their second daughter, Sadie, who will arrive sometime in September! She looks beautiful! But then again, Zoie always looks beautiful! If I didn't love her i think I would hate her a little bit.
 We walked out of BCP to see this Rainbow in the sky! It was so pretty! We stood there in the lightly falling rain watching the rainbow as Mike checked car stuff before they left. As we were standing there right before our very eyes the rainbow grew, and got stronger and stronger, and added a double rainbow! It was amazing!
 You can see the double rainbow here! It was such a holy moment. Sounds weird, but it really was. We were oohing and ahhing over God building that rainbow like it was the first one we had ever seen! I think God got a kick out of our excitement and just kept building that rainbow and getting it stronger and stronger. It was such a cool moment. We must have stood outside in the rain for 15 mins just watching that rainbow grow.
It grew so big that it was a perfect spanned rainbow to each side of the sky. It was so large that I couldn't fit even half of it in one picture. That moment standing outside and watching God make that rainbow was just so incredible. I felt God's presence so much in those moments, I couldn't have felt it more if he had been standing as a human right next to me. It was beautiful.


Kristy Mays said...

The rainbow was beautiful!

Linny said...

I love the rainbow! It always reminds me of God's promises. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!