Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life according to my phone..

 Some random pictures of the last week or so. Last week I was on the way to my Chiropractor when I saw one of the trucks from the construction company I worked at for a few years. Katie Marie and I have this inside joke that when we see one the trucks (there are tons of them!) we take a picture and send it to the other one. I nearly ran into them trying to get a good picture of this truck.
 This picture color isn't that great, but I got this frame at a garage sale, and my mom painted it a teal color to match my living room. I put a new picture of Snugglemuffin in it and I love it! It's home is actually in my entertainment center. But it was too dark to take a pic.
 While at Dollar Tree this weekend (yes I have a super exciting life, try not to be jealous?) I found this super adorable bowl! I have needed something for my veggies and fruits, so I grabbed it! Never mind that it doesn't match my Coke kitchen. Its sooo cute!!!
 I have had a hold on this book at the Library for what seems like forever, FINALLY it was my turn to read it. I was beyond excited! I love Rachel Hauk and have no reason why she thinks I'm interesting enough to follow on twitter, but I'm pretty geeked out that she does! I picked this up last night around 8:30, thinking I'd read for awhile and then hit bed early. hahahahahahah Silly Cherry. I was fighting yawning thru my lessons today. Finally around 5 pm I had to run out to Java Jo'z for a Moccachino or I would be asleep right now. (It's 6:19 pm FYI)
 This post is really making me sound like an elderly person. Dollar Tree, Library, sleepiness. Sheesh. 

Yesterday I felt like I had actually done a good job putting on my makeup. I've noticed when I do purple colors on my eye lids it brings out the small flecks of green in my blue eyes. I thought they were pretty! My eyes are my favorite feature so I was excited. Ignore the fact that I have dark circles under my eyes.
 Pretty, right? I have weird small pupils here, I have no clue why. I was standing right by my window trying to get some natural sunlight.
Well by now you're convinced I'm some sort of elderly person, so I feel that it's ok to admit that my favorite part of the day is when the mail comes. It's true. Fridays are the best because that's when my magazines come, but yesterday I was surprised with this box from Suave! Somehow they sent me a new full sized product! What?! Cool! Only, it's dry shampoo. For straight hair. Um... Stink. So Audra is getting some new dry shampoo and will tell y'all if it's any good. Nonetheless it was still exciting to have a random box in my mailbox!

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