Saturday, August 31, 2013

Take me Home, Back Country Roads....

 I headed home today to the Farm for a relaxing weekend with the fam! I snapped these pics, yes, while I was driving. Well, I was stopped at the one above and all of the other ones were out on a back country road where the only other vehicle I saw was a Tractor. So I think I was safe! :)
 The rain clouds followed me all the way home.

 This is the prime deer hitting spot. I have yet to hit one here, or at all! but I have been with other people, ahem, MOM, here when they have hit deer.

 This spot is where I think my brother paid for 90% of his college tuition. Digging people out of the ditch with his tractor during the winter. Fools never slow down!
 Soooo close.....
Precious and the boys say Hello!!

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