Sunday, August 11, 2013

The week in phone pics

 I really need a snappier title for these posts but oh well. 

So I have an addiction to Java Jo'z. Namely, their Moccachinos. They are soooo yummy and so much better than Starbucks! I love them! I had to go get one on Tuesday as I had once again stayed up too late, most likely reading, and was nearly falling asleep while teaching my lessons.
 Ignore the lipstick on my straw.
 I took this because I was entertained one day, I'll let you guess which one??!! while I was drying my hair. Curly hair blow drying does not look like straight hair blow drying. The weird poses and my hair whipped across my head are pretty funny sometimes. If I ever get married my husband will be entertained or frightened, not sure which, at my daily hair styling. He may also get lung disease from the copious amounts of hairspray I have to use but oh well!
 One night I got a massive hand cramp from a gift I was making. I write everyday on the assignment sheets I give to my students, and they will tell you sometimes I write tons, but man, my hand was out of practice. Ye-ouch! By the last few I wrote it was looking more like a dr's scrawl than that of a Piano Teacher. Bless my heart.
 One night I was sitting on my couch and noticed that my living room was pink. I looked outside and saw this gorgeous pink sunset. See, even Jesus loves Pink Weds!!!!!
 Which brings us to #tbt I snapped a few pics of pics of me and my friends at PCC. Here I am with Panda Bear and Chia Pet at a Valentine's Day Fine Arts.
 August is apparently birthday month for all of my students. I think I have 7 of them with August birthdays? Gigi was the first, and was SO surprised that I got her a present! I wish I had a picture of her face when I got the present out of hiding. I love giving gifts and seeing people happy and excited! Note that she was not that excited for this pic! HA!
 Flashback Friday isn't complete without some Vanilla Ice Radio on my pandora. I have not yet played it while my students are here but trust me.. it's gonna happen!!
 Taya has this INSANE song that she is doing for our recital and her hands fly all over the keyboard. It's awesome! And I can't wait to see her debut it! I tried to get an action shot but 5 pics just got me hands that were blurry because they kept moving! Love it.
And finally, I had to go to Flora this am and I saw this sign while driving in. I laughed SO HARD! I kind of want to move there just for this sign. Anywhere that has FABULOUS on their sign I am a fan of!!

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