Saturday, August 24, 2013

The week in review

 I really have enough pictures for 2-3 posts, but alas I am lazy and it's been a weird week, so here is everything fun that went down!

I started off at Church Sunday morning, no pics of that, but after church I headed for another fave place, the Pool! I wore SPF 70 and I'm proud to say I didn't get burnt! YEAH! The Pool closes next weekend so I'm hoping to visit it at least 2 more times!
 Here I am Monday, waiting for a new student. I was a hit with her, partially because I taught her the first line of Jingle Bells, and partially because she saw my shirt from her car seat and apparently thought it was pretty. Her Mom said she was commenting on how cute my shirt was as they parked! I was cracking up!
 I bought one pair of sandals this summer, and these were it. I love these shoes! They are soooo comfy and beige and go with everything!!!
 While strolling thru Target Tuesday I saw this sweater. So cute! Look at the little zipper it has! So perfect for Pink Weds! I will definitely be purchasing that this fall!
 Speaking of Pink Weds.... Emboz brought Madi over and we went swimming! Well,we tried to. Madi was more interested in the play ground that was right by the pool. Altho when Emboz took her over to it she didn't want to go down the slide because it was HOTTT!! hahah 
 Not all of that puddle is pool water... That's all I'm sayin..
 Taking a break for a snack. She wasn't too enthused with the pictures that day.
 Ahhh.... so relaxing!!
 Bathing Beauty!!
 I like this pic of Mads and Emboz! I couldn't see anything with the sun so I just snapped and hoped for something cute. Neither me or Emboz wanted our bodies in bathing suits immortalized so we both got pics of us with Madi with just a sliver of our bodies! #talent

Me and the Mads. I look really tan here. I'm not. 
 Alas Two year olds have to nap, so they left and I stayed at the pool for another hour or so. It was very relaxing!
 I came back home and showered and got ready for lessons. I needed to eat something but didn't have the energy or desire to cook and i had no lunchmeat. SO I made this veggie and provolone sandwich and let me tell you, it was dang good!!
 The same night Audra and Cubs came over for a dinner date. Cubbie really likes it when i give him a toy, which he promptly destroys. I give him one every time, and he is mad until I give him one!
 I let him play with this ball, and apparently he was worried I would take it away so he held onto it while he took a nap!!!
An hour or so later he wakes up, and yup, still holding on to the ball!! I did manage to keep him from taking it home with him :) but sadly it is now deflated.

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