Monday, September 30, 2013

End of the Month Phone Dump

 i.e. if I don't blog them now I never will!

I went to Menards a few weeks ago and they are now selling hair care. HAIR CARE PEOPLE. At Menards!!! Why they didn't sell cool stuff like this when I was growing up I will never know. Everytime we would come to town I would stay in the van and read my Archie comic books when my Mom went into Menards. Had they sold the cool things they do now I would have went in happily!!
 Despite the fact that it's still warm outside I have been transitioning the studio and my home into Fall. I love my little pumpkin lights!! And my other little pumpkin, Farmer Snugglemuffin :)
 Are they not the cutest??!
 By my front door I put up this sign and little box, which miraculously holds my sunglasses and lip gloss! You might have noticed by the mirror hanging by my door I always slap on lipstick/gloss on the way out. Or as I'm standing waiting for a student. I loved that I could clean them up with this decorative little scarecrow box!
 The Piano. Two different kinds of hand sanitizer has still not kept me from getting sick. I am currently sounding like a Man Frog with a super fun cold that I have had all.weekend.long. not a fan!
 I love this little box that I picked up at Gordman's! It has a hinge and opens. Inside I have my Pumpkin Play it Again slips. My students LOVE being able to pull out a pumpkin (with their eyes closed of course!) that tells them how to play their song again, often in a silly or fun way. Bonus, they have no idea they are learning!!
 I really wanted to put them in my super cute pumpkin jar with handle, but after searching high and low I have come to the conclusion that I left it in the fall decorations at my old job! sadness.
and finally, a sneak peek of my new dresser!!!! It was delivered on the same day that I started getting sick. Needless to say my bedroom has looked like mass chaos ever since. Ok my whole upstairs, has looked like mass chaos because I used to have a huge armoire right in this spot, so It was moved to the spare room and is currently just sitting far enough inside for the door to shut :) I promise I will have a complete blog post soon dedicated to my dumpster diving find!!

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