Friday, September 13, 2013

Mornings with Madi

 So technically it was only one morning, but that didn't sound as cool as a title. Anywho, this morning I got up early and watched Madi while her Mommy went to the chiropractor! I was in my pjs and glasses but Madi did not care! We had a smashing good time and I was actually shocked when I heard Emboz vehicle pull in!  It seemed like hardly any time had went by at all! Time flies when you're sword fighting on a dump truck.
 She had some struggles turning while holding her swords. 
 She was having quite the dandy time beating me up! Everytime she would hit my face or hit when it hurt I would say OWWW!! That hurt!! and she would reply ever so sweetly in her little voice Soowwwrrryyy!! All while she grinned.
 In about 12 years she is going to hate Auntie Cherry for pictures like this! I plan to use them as blackmail so she will still hang out with me when she's too cool for old people!!!
 I sent this picture to her Aunt Jenny and Aunt Bunny with the Caption "i'm being attacked. Send help!" they did not. Thanks girls. Side note, I have a picture of Jenny aka Jboz, me and Madi at Halloween last year in a frame in my living room. Without fail everytime Madi is here she will find it and haul it around. So cute!
 So wish this wasn't blurry! Also wish I could spell the word Samari. Help?
She was beating me in the face here.

Had such a  fun morning with my Mads! She is such a funny little stinker!!! She brought along a book about Hippo's Belly Buttons. (No, it was not mine!!) and we had a fun time trying to find her belly button. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm an idiot and incapable of identifying basic body parts such as knees and foreheads, or at least the tone of her voice said so when I pointed at each one on her body. I think she also might possibly have a future in medicine. That girl knows her bones!!

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