Sunday, September 8, 2013

This Kid....

 Oh this kid. He is just the bestest nephew ever!! I had a lunch Skype date with Snugglemuffin this week. I think we finally hit on a way to have him stay WITH the computer while skyping! It was so much fun! He just thought it was hilarious that Auntie was eating with him. Here he is just having a chat..
 I mean seriously. It does not get cuter than this people!!
 I'm not sure what he was doing here. Had I been smart I would have taken screen shots but let's face it. I struggle. Snuffglemuffin can attest to this. I'm pretty sure half the time he thinks I'm an idiot. He is still not convinced that milk comes from cows. #farmboyfail 
 We played hide and seek. He had a fun time trying to see if I could "See his eyes" So he would hide off to the side, or shut his eyes, CAN YOU SEE MY EYES NOW AUNTIE??!!! Side note, he doesn't always get the Charity part of Auntie Charity out right. I noticed he called me Auntie Chatity a few times the other day :)
 He was getting a little sleepy!!!!
"This is my MAD face" CRACKED ME UP!!! Then he would smile and say HAPPY! Make this face, MAD!

The funniest thing that I want to remember, and this will go in his 3 year book I make him for Christmas:

He was telling me about a train ride he and his parents had went on at a Tractor show. And he was saying that there were BAD PEOPLE on the train, and that they got kicked off the train by the men with the BIG GUNS!

I looked at my SIL trying to figure out what kind of train rides happen in Iowa, and she said that it was a fake robbery, a train ride with a story. That made much more sense!

So I asked Snugglemuffin what the bad people had done. Thinking that we would have a teaching moment of some sort, because now that he's gettting older we talk about bad/good choices and actions, ect.

So I asked him what they had done and he said they were BAAAAADDDDDDDD PEOPLE! They got kicked off the train by the men with Big Guns.

Yes, got that! But WHAT did they do?

They were BBAAAADDDDD PEOPLE!! They shot their young!

I said WHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTT! in unison with his Mother who apparently had not been on the same ride!

He repeated it again! They were BBBBAAADDDDDDD People!! They shot their young!

I have no clue where he got this from! The kid only watches curious george!!!!!!!

Nonetheless it was hilarious! His Mommy and I almost fell over laughing and he was dead serious about how BAD these people were!

Man, I love that kid!

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