Friday, October 4, 2013

Dumpster Diving! Before & After!

Labor day weekend I was heading out to my parents farm, and stopped to drop off the trash at the dumpster before I hit the road. Much to my surprise I saw this cute little night stand and a big chest of drawers and a long dresser. I have been wanting a new nightstand for my room so I immediately grabbed this up and put it in my truck! I knew my Mom could paint it black and it would be super cute to match my black and white bedroom! 

I had to stop at the bank before I got on the interstate and while I was there all I could think about was the long dresser that was sitting still at the dumpster. I really wanted it but had no clue how I was going to get it in my truck myself. After some frantic texting I was able to coerce Emboz into coming over and helping me load it into my truck! Needless to say my Mom was rather surprised when I showed up with an SUV full or furniture for her to paint.

 I am so blessed with parents who have many talents. My Mom is the QUEEN at re purposing items. She also used to own her own craft store when I was growing up. Sadly, the craftiness did not pass on to her daughter! So I am thankful that she helps me out with my projects!
 The dresser and nightstand were both pine and had some dents in them. My poor Mom. She had A LOT of sanding to do!!
Front of the dresser without the handles on.

 And voila!!!!!! Isn't that AMAZING????!!! She was still painting the other handles when she delivered the dresser so they are not on yet. Eventually i would like to get some clear handles possibly, but these are nice in the meantime!!
 Now let's talk about this big empty space for just a second. On another trip out to the dumpster I found a FABULOUS BIG mirror that was so decorative but a terrible color. It is currently at the Farm waiting on Momma to paint it with a dark magenta to match the dark magenta accents in my black and white bedroom! It will be hung in the empty space above my dresser and then the one solo canvas sitting on top of my dresser in this pic, it will be hung to the left of the mirror. I am so excited to see it pulled together!!

 Speaking of re purposing, those lamps you see, my Mom made the lamp shades out of scrapbook paper and mod podged it onto the lamps to match my bedroom! Isn't she amazing?
 And my nightstand! Excuse the various "I have a cold" items sitting all over the top and shelf.

Now the nightstand is a normal size but my bed is on lifts, to store things under neath it since I don't have a headboard and footboard, so the proportions are off a bit. I am HOPING to find a sleigh bed, and then my bedroom will be complete! Maybe I will find it by the dumpster? I have to admit everytime now that I take my trash out and there isn't something I can save I am a little disappointed! ha!

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