Friday, November 22, 2013

Ahh.. the sweet smell of... yuck.. what IS that??!

I'm still not entirely sure how this happened, but by some chance I was invited by Bath and Body works to test out four new scents they are thinking about carrying. I was pretty excited when my box arrived holding these 4 vials! I was less excited when I saw the 40 page diary that I had to fill out everyday.

We weren't supposed to smell them before wearing them so I had no clue what each of them was like.

The first day I sniffed bottle #1 and thought it smelled promising. Upon spraying it on myself I suddenly realized that I smelled like a musty old house that someone had died in and never been found.


Bottle #2 I had the stupidity to spray right before a lesson. I then had to apologize to my student, her Mom and sisters for how horrible I smelled. When you literally gag upon smelling yourself it is NOT a good sign. 


I wasn't holding out much hope for Bottle #3 and #4 and thankfully grew enough brains to test them when I wasn't expecting a student in the near future. Thankfully both of them actually smelled really good! Like, REALLY GOOD. I would buy both of them in the store and actually asked the researchers to let me know when they were sold and under what name. I am still wearing both of them on a daily basis. I will be sad when they are empty.

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