Monday, November 18, 2013

Blown Away

As many of you know, I live in Indiana. And we have crazy weather here. One only needs to think about the massive blizzard we had back at the end of March to prove that point. So despite it being the middle of November and having snow on the ground a few days previous, we had a batch of severe weather and tornadoes yesterday afternoon.
I normally do not get too worried over a tornado. Living in Indiana I've grown up with them. But yesterday's events were looking to be rather severe, so I grabbed my emergency bag, some pillows, my fan (it was in the 70's!) and of course my laptop, cell phone, and a magazine. And headed to my downstairs bathroom.

Before I go any further I must tell you what was in my emergency bag. The night before I had done a routine back up of my computer onto my external hard drive, so I had that in my purse as well. My emergency bag contained: A change of clothes. All of my medicines. Extra under wears! My back up supply of contacts. A small container of curly hair goop. And my makeup. Yes that's right, my makeup! Now I have no problem looking like a hot mess, but if you'll remember I just got a load of expensive makeup at Sephora for free with my giftcard. There was no way on earth I was going to let that be taken away in a tornado! 

I did realize as I was sheltering that it would have been a good idea to grab my charger for my cell phone. But details!

I'm not entirely sure how long I stayed in the bathroom. I know it was at least an hour. I went in right when the sirens were going off. Surprisingly I was not very scared. I think maybe packing my bag and feeling like I had done all I could do, helped. Along with the fact that while I was in there I was actually working! I was messaging back and forth with my graphic designer working on things for my studio, while I listened to the live weather report.

When I finally came out, it was like nothing had happened! My complex was fine, and nothing was out of place. However just a little bit down the road places were out of power, the roads were closed, things were really nasty.

As I got on twitter to check on everyone I began to see how bad things really were.

An entire company was destroyed on the south side of town, as well as a two schools facing very significant damage. It's safe to say everyone in Lafayette is so thankful that this came thru on a weekend when none of the students were put in harms way.

Our paper has pictures and stories of the destruction around town

Our tv station has some galleries as well of everyone's submitted photos. Some of it is unbelievable.

I have yet to go out today, beauty of working from home! But it's still very windy outside. My Dad was called into work last night as one of the barns (he's a farmer) had lost it's roof. The barn housed 4,000 cattle. 

You never really think that something like this could happen at home. I'm so thankful for God's protection on me, my family, loved ones and church family. There are however people who have lost alot in our town. Please pray for them and help if you can!

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Emily said...

Where do you live in IN? We are in the Northeast corner and we too spent some time in our basement yesterday. That storm was fierce!