Sunday, November 10, 2013

Life in Phone Pics

 Ok so this was two weeks ago, but I made these SUPER yummy Sugar Cookie Bars. Well they were supposed to be bars and I put them into my individual brownie pan, because I love corner pieces. They turned out so so yummy!
 Sitting at the bank. Sometimes it takes so long I wonder if they are being robbed and held hostage inside.
 I missed a week of The Journey Home so I was thankful to be able to watch it on my tv! I don't know that I've ever taken so many notes during a church service as those 7 weeks!
 Last week I was coming home and stopped at a red light and what do I see in front of me? The Boilermaker Special. Just driving around town. It was rather odd considering I don't live near Campus.....?
 Best.Idea. Ever. One of my students gets incentives for practicing/ect and he "won" these light up fingers last week. I need to get some for myself. They were genius! And SO fun!!
 Best.Day.EVER!! I do not regret giving up cable and live tv one bit. I wish I had done it sooner in fact. But being over 2 years without Dr Phil was just sad, I used to DVR him everyday while I was at work and then come home and watch him! My love for Dr Phil is long and deep! So imagine my JOY when I found out I could watch full episodes on Youtube! YOUTUBE! For free!! Without commercials!!!!!! GLORY!!!!
My new glasses. I wear contacts primarily, but order a pair of two of cheap glasses from each year to wear when my eyes are tired or itchy. (they have been really itchy lately!!) I am proud to say I finally have a pair of pink glasses! And I love them! I do wish I had sprung for the anti glare stuff. Next time....

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