Sunday, December 15, 2013

April's Visit and the Recital that wasn't..

So for months I have been planning to hold my studio's recital this past Saturday the 14'th. Invites went out. Programs were designed. A venue was found. Students practiced. And practiced. And practiced some more. Plans were made for April to come to IN and stay with me to help out the day of the Recital and be moral support, and also rejoice with me!

April arrived late Friday afternoon.

About 2 1/2 hours after April arrived, so did the snowstorm.

I stayed up super late Friday night trying to gauge how much snow we were going to get, and whether we should call off the recital. I got up early Saturday, snow is covering everything, and still coming down. Parents were worried, I was worried. Around 9:30 I decided it was in the best interests to cancel it and reschedule for a later date. I didn't want to put anyone in harm's way, and just didn't feel good about all of us being on the road out in the mess.

I am very happy I made that call. It only got worse as the morning and the afternoon went on. Around 12:30, which incidentally was the time everyone would have been heading to the recital, April and I decided to go out and look for ourselves to see how it was, and run to the bank. Within not even two minutes of getting on the road, I knew I had made the right decision. It was really nasty outside. Some of the well traveled roads were not super horrible, but others were really nasty. Could we all have made it there? Possibly. The risk of one or more of us being in an accident was huge. I was so thankful that I had cancelled it.

 We went thru the bank drive thru, and I took this picture to prove we had been out. April was making fun of me for doing so, but you can see how even the parking lot was covered in snow.

After the bank we decided to run to Meijer. Yes, we are THOSE people. Or rather I am. Normally I would not go out at all, but I had coupons expiring that day for 2 christmas presents I had ordered and really wanted to use them. I was so happy that I did, because when the cashier was ringing me up, the items were on sale so i paid.. get this.. brace yourself. a penny. yes. you read that right! I paid a penny a piece for them! I was shocked! After Christmas I will show you what I am referring to :)

Starbucks is right by Meijer so we grabbed ourselves some Peppermint Mochas before we slowly and i mean slowly, made our way back to my house. The whole thing took over an hour and a half. Crazy.
 Then we decided to have a little snow photo shoot in our pj's outside! Yes, the only pictures we got of ourselves over the weekend we are both wearing pjs, no makeup, and pants tucked into boots. And yet, we still take a darn good self portrait if I do say so myself!!
 I mean isn't she just precious? Look at her hair blowing in the wind! So purdy!
 And then there's me.... :)
 This is my view outside my back door. Not a bad view if I do say so!
 Warm toes inside!
A very Christmas like view while I work! Love it!!

Thanks April for coming for my non happening recital and being snowed in with me!!

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