Friday, December 20, 2013

Audra's Happy Merry Birthday Christmas!

 One of my Christmas traditions is to go to Audra's house for dinner the week before Christmas to celebrate her Birthday which is TODAY! YAYS!! and Christmas! This year we lucked out in the photo department as her hubs was there, so we rousted him out of his man cave-ing to be our photographer! Worked sooo much better than using my self timer! Poor Cubs never really got the whole self timer thing. He would look at us like why are we smiling at a camera that no one is behind? Bless his heart.
 Now that Auds has her new house she has not one, but two trees to take our pictures by! Hurray! I love hanging out in her fancy living room, these chairs are sooooo comfy!!!
 Our gifts were the same exact size, and wrapped in very similiar paper. Great minds think alike!
 Cubs was REALLY into the gift opening process! What a good helper!
 Can you see the slobber marks on the box? hahah.. Poor little Birchbox!! After months, ok years, of me telling Audie all about #birchbox I decided it was time to gift her her own subscription! We'll see if the Mary Kay lover is a convert or not!
 Great minds really do think alike as she gave me some awesome Burts Bee's skincare stuff! I'm a big fan of Burts Bees, so I was really excited! I get super crazy dry skin in the winter, my hands get so dry that they crack and sometimes bleed. Ye-ouch!  I have been slathering several of these products all over my hands and fingers! Sidenote, I love how Cubbie is smiling at me here!
 Happy Cherrybear with yummy skin stuff! I do love a good girly product!
 And Cubs loves ripping paper and presents apart. Look at him going to town!
 Who? me? What are you speaking of? Cubbie your innocent look, it's not working my friend!
He just cracks me up! Just laying on the floor playing like a little boy! He's full of personality.. and then some!

Happy Merry Birthday Christmas Audie! I am so thankful for your friendship, and your wise and Godly council! I am looking forward to seeing how God works in our lives this next year!!

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