Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Week Randoms

 The day before I left town I coerced Nicki into helping me draw a Purdue P for my brother's canvas that I painted.
 Why I need a faster shutter speed on my camera. Snugglemuffin is a blur!
 Gwampa and Snugglemuffin were playing ball. Gwampa laid down on the floor for a rest. I snapped this as a certain little boy was eyeing him with the funniest little smirk on his face, seconds later Gwampa got a ball in the middle of his chest. I laughed so hard!
 Visited with Precious and the boys a little bit. Was trying to take a picture of Little Bull(ironic name now) and how huge his is, but he insisted on literally getting up right in the middle of my face.
 I love putting on face masks! I felt like I resembled the Hulk in this pic with my green mask.
 I read two hardback books over the break. So very relaxing and enjoyable! Not pictured is me watching 4 episodes of Covert Affairs. Finally caught up on that show!

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