Thursday, December 26, 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas-#influenster #violetvoxbox

 So I put off doing all of my #violetvoxbox tasks until now, so brace yourself for alot of posts!


I love me a good face mask. Last week I was beyond stressed, really just overwhelmed with everything I needed to accomplish before leaving for home. One night I literally had to give myself a time out, to just sit down and BREATHE. Not working online, not making lists, I just needed a moment. I thought that was the perfect time to get out my little clay spa face mask. I was surprised when I opened the package and instead of being goop that you put on your face, it was literally a MASK, as in, like a super hero mask. It was all one piece and I just had to set it on my face and lay down and relax. I posted on facebook that I slightly felt like I had an Arts and Crafts project on my face :) But I really liked it! It smelled good, felt good, and gave me that moment to just chill out. I needed that. I liked that It was easy to do and not messy at all. I will definitely be purchasing some of these!

They are all over the internets so go check them out!

(I feel super goofy saying this, like I'm some big time blogger or something, HA! Not even my MOM reads my blog! But, I was given this product for free and all opinions are mine. Over and out.)

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