Thursday, January 23, 2014

#ChooseJoy #JoyGivers365 Week 3

I apologize for being a day late in my posting, yesterday I had a fever and was feeling pretty puny. BUT in the spirit of choosing joy, the happy thing about this is that the fever was my body fighting off a sickness! YEAH!!!! My regimen of numerous vitamins, supplements, probiotics and sanitizing every inch of my studio is finally helping protect me from my wonderful, albeit  germy students :)

I've had several moments over the past week where I have been able to see very clearly how God has put certain things together to bless me in the difficult time my family is currently walking through.

Last Wednesday night I had a rough night and finally broke down and cried. Needless to say Thursday my soul was spent, my eyes were swollen and puffy and I was just struggling.

Life goes on, so I, of course needed to teach my lessons.

My late afternoon student came, and brought me the sweetest, unexpected treat.

Chocolate in Cookies, on a Pink plate. If that isn't a sign from Jesus I don't know what is. 

It was such a #JoyGivers365 thing for them to do, and yet, they had no clue! They had no idea of what is going on in my family, or the hard day I was having. They just wanted to do something nice for me. I think that is such message from God that we don't always know what he's going to use us for. We don't even realize alot of times that we are bringing Joy to someone else, or giving them something to smile about in the midst of the pain that they are going through, that we don't know about.

It was such an encouragement to my soul. And really a charge to me to go that extra mile and do something nice for someone.

And by the way, the cookies were DELICIOUS. And totally gone the next day. ;)

So my challenge for this week is: If you feel a tiny urge within you to do something nice for someone, no matter how big or small. DO IT. Take someone cookies, open the door for someone, stop to ask a cashier or a drive thru person GENUINELY ASK how their day is going. God can use you to encourage and love on people, even if you don't realize it!

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