Monday, March 31, 2014

#ChooseJoy #Joygivers365 Weeks 12 & 13 Cut the Crankiness- 30 day NO COMPLAINING Challenge!

So I've had a rough month. Or really, a rough two months. I have been sick almost non stop since the beginning of February. I'm on my 4'th round of antibiotics for a sinus infection that.just.keeps.coming.back. I've had the stomach flu, and managed to not only break one of my toes but injure the top of my foot as well.  And of course, dealing with the loss of a loved one.My life has been reminiscent of a country song in it's pathetic state.

And, Frankly, my attitude has not been pleasant. I could blame it on how miserable I have felt and the tiredness of feeling miserable months on end, but hello, I live with a Chronic Health Condition, I am frequently miserable, and my day to day health is not that of feeling well but I get by and soldier on. So I really have no one to blame for my crankiness but myself.

I realized I needed an attitude adjustment last week when I was driving back from Sonic. It was warm, like really warm, for the first time in months, I had my windows down, my pink pants on, and was drinking a cherry ice cream slush that matched my said pink pants. As I'm cruising along back to my house, some 12 year old reject from the jersey shore is beside me, bumping his "music" so loudly that my teeth were vibrating. 

That, like everything else, annoyed me. It annoyed me so much that I yelled, while holding my ice cream slush "You are NOT COOL!!!"

And then I realized my windows were down.

And that I looked like a crotchety old lady yelling at a youngster for walking on her grass.

Where are my cane and house slippers?

Thankfully, the aforementioned music was so loud he had no clue about the crazy lady yelling at him. I slunk home in my SUV and realized I needed to do something about my attitude.

I have been complaining and grouching about evvvverything, so much that I am annoying myself. I realized that was the source of my unpleasantness. COMPLAINING. Boy, have I been doing ALOT of it! Maybe not to everyone, but in my mind, I have a constant complaining channel running 24/7 like a live stream of CNN.

I knew exactly what I needed to do, and it's going to be hard, but SO worth it! 

Last year, Pastor Dave challenged us to a 21 day no Complaining Challenge leading up to Easter. I took the challenge, and didn't think I'd make it thru the first two days quite honestly! But I did, and my outlook and ATTITUDE changed so much! So I'm going to do it again, but for longer. That's right, I'm not stopping at Easter, my goal is for the whole month of April (and hopefully longer).

I am going to STOP Complaining for an entire month! And by doing so, by quitting complaining, it's going to be much easier to #ChooseJoy because it's all about your focus and thought pattern. I have not been choosing joy lately, I have been a cranky old lady in my brain, complaining at every little thing. That ends TONIGHT!

As of midnight on April 1st there will be no more complaining coming out of my mouth, and more importantly no complaining in my brain, in my comments to myself that no one else knows. 

If you see me, hear me, read me on social media, you have my permission to say HEY!! 30 Day Challenge Cherrybear! Anytime you hear me complaining! And while you're at it, will you join me in the challenge? It was an amazing journey last year and I am looking forward to doing it again and reaping the benefits of focusing on the good, no matter what!

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