Saturday, April 5, 2014

That's how we do it round here...

 Brace yourself for a month+ of random pics!

Here I am on on of the warmer days of the year. I think it hit 39 and we were all ecstatic!
 Home for my Grams Memorial Service, Snugglemuffin and I entertained ourselves with Table Buddy pics while waiting on dinner. That kid is soooooooo related to me!
 After I got back to town, my apt community was.everywhere. Getting ready for a huge inspection and doing all kinds of work to the property. Everywhere I went there were workers. I was in my pj's one day and walked into my studio to see legs on my back patio. (They were replacing my storage shed door) On this day they were putting dirt out and various other landscaping items.
 I was sitting at my desk trying to have a quick bite of cheese before my next round of students came and there they were. There were men walking to, but it was hard to get a picture of them without them realizing it.
 A win day for me! I finally fit into a shirt and pants that I have had for a long time, but never worn! YEAH!!!!
 Crystal Light Pink Lemonade is the with frozen strawberries!!
 Yesterday it was rainy, but I was feelin the spring and obviously feeling my new favorite color of green!
 My hair was looking quite curly as well, thanks to the rain!
 One of my students lost her Grandpa the same day as my Grams. It's bonded us. Their family sent me a sympathy card and she wrote this to me and drew pics of them as angels. I cried. Such a sweet girl.
 We go a little crazy over spring around here, after having 60+ inches of snow this winter. Matching my pants to my sonic happy hour drink? But, of course! And no, it wasn't even Pink Weds!
 Same day. Windows open!  It's currently about 48-50 degrees and they are slightly cracked open. I need fresh air!!
 Last Saturday I took a group of students with me to a nursing home I visit and we put on an  Evening of Music. It was awesome!! Here's my outfit before and my very nervous face!
 I have all of my Grams rings and wanted to wear some that evening to bring a piece of her with me. She would have loved it, and been so proud.
 One of my students brought me a bouquet of flowers at the concert! I was SO surprised! They are so pretty and a week later, still alive and thriving! And yes, I am laying down in this pic. I had to wear shoes, obviously, and my foot was crazy swollen. (I broke my toe and injured the top of my foot.( #graceful)
 On Monday, I got new neighbors. I also said goodbye to my 2'nd slot parking space. On Tuesday I started my 30 day no complaining challenge so this blog post ends here. :)

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