Saturday, June 14, 2014

Life Lately according to my phone

 I am still not feeling well, but have had a few days in the past 3 weeks where I have survived through the day and felt like a member of society. i.e. showered. Pictured above I was excited to sport my super cute treble clef necklace that one of my students made me for christmas!
 The rest of the outfit, I texted my skirt to Audra and told her I felt like a Duggar :) But I did feel cute! I suppose it helps that my skirt is TWO SIZES smaller than what I was wearing this time last year!! BOOYAH!!!
 On that same day I ran out to Target, of which I had not been to in months. Months people! It was a tragedy! I enjoyed walking around and browsing and found these ADORABLE purses! The pink one was actually so bright I thought it was maybe a bit much. I'm stalking the mint purse and as soon as it's 75% off it will be mine!!
 In preparation for my upcoming move I have been cleaning out! I loaded up my truck with bags for Goodwill and was very excited to find out you can get boxes at Goodwill to pack with! I should have probably taken a picture of myself BEFORE pulling up to the donation area (below) as the two older gentleman workers were standing there totally waitng for me to get done taking my picture. #awkwardsauce

 I was excited for a day of teaching! My parents were in Iowa visiting Snugglemuffin (and his parents) so my Mom was sending me picture texts of what they were doing. Of course I had to send pics back to my buddy! Later on that evening I skyped with him, apparently everytime Nana had her tablet out, he would go over and say "Can we Skype with Auntie Charity?!" so precious!! Anyways, when we skyped that night, I was sitting on my couch, and he asked me if I was done with Piano! He is so smart!! I love that he knows that's what I do!!
File this one under #thingsyoudoforyournephew he was making silly faces and having Nana take his picture and send it to me, so of course i had to send some back! You would not believe how many pictures I had to take to get a non creepy "silly" face. Apparently silly faces are alot cuter on 3 year olds than 32 yr olds...
 The next night ( I was on a roll of feeling better for 4 days!!!!) I had a concert at one of the nursing homes I frequent. I had to go with this flowy sleeveless dress as it's usually toasty warm in this facility and it was already hot outside. I was glad I had worn it, especially when I discovered the HEATER right next to the piano.

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