Saturday, August 30, 2014

Photo Dump

Brace yourselves for all of the random photos from the past month!

 Before I got a pushmower, Bethy would come over and mow my lawn, while I hung out with the Madster and Emboz. I got Madi a Wedding veil for dress up and she was NOT as excited as i thought she would be! The only reason she is smiling here is because she was pulling it off of her head!
 I hung up my mirror long ways in my hallway, I'm still working on perfecting my mirror pics but this one wasn't too bad! One day I will have a full length mirror, one day!
 Before the oppressive heat hit, this is what my Friday nights looked like after I was done teaching. So relaxing and nice to be able to sit on my back patio and look out at my back yard!
 Sunshine coming through the trees!
 I regret mowing my yard for the first time in my flip flops. Rest in Peace flip flops. You served me well!
 Audra and Cubbie came over one night for dinner and to see my new home! Cubbie was a FAN of the big windows and being able to creep on all the neighbors.
 Audra was stuck :)
 Mowing started easier than it is now! With all the heat and the rain my lawn grows crazy jungle grass, add the wet ground to it and I get quite the workout!
 On a related note I've been hanging out at the chiropractor weekly. :) While my chiro was on vacation my neck went out so I had to see a new Chiro, and found out she is covered by my insurance! WHOOO! Very thankful for that! I still see my Regular Chiro once a month, and visit her in between for tune ups!
 One of my students made a surprise for her little siblings for the 4'th of July. She wrote and designed books about "Firework Man" and made him part of the holiday. She brought the book she drew for her sister, featuring Ariel, and it was so creative I had to snap a picture of it! Oh, and she's 7!!!!!!
 Beautiful sky on a stormy night..
 Random selfie of me in my kitchen. 
 Not the cutest picture, but it cracks me up! One of my students is going on break so we had sort of a going away party for her. I made us Coke Floats, which were a HUGE hit!! She had never had one before! I was happy to remedy that!
 After she left my next student for the night arrived, and was trying for the perfect selfie to send to her friend from her Piano Lesson. I was cracking up at her! She would hold the phone up, make a face, then say nope. not it. Think for  a second, and repeat the process. This happened several times, and I was dying.  I couldn't really say much since I had taken a coke float selfie in the lesson before her :)
And finally, I have mastered a dessert! This Cherry Cheesecake is now going to be my signature dessert. I have successfully made it for several people who have loved it! I made this one for my parents who were coming to help me with some house projects. My Dad scarfed it down in no time, and my Mom actually asked ME for the recipe!!!

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