Wednesday, November 19, 2014

#ChooseJoy #JoyGivers365 Weeks I have no idea thru- Week 47

Sooo, yeah.. It's been awhile (understatement of the year) since I've posted a #ChooseJoy blog.

There has been a whole lot of sick going on around these parts. More so than the normal issues I have due to my chronic health condition.  For about two months I have been almost non stop sick. First with a month long sinus and ear infection, then a virus, then a kidney infection, and now I find myself still running fevers with no explanation. I've had some labs ran, and have a Dr apt this week to continue to try and find answers to what is going on in my body. Prayers would be appreciated! I know my body rather well, you have to when you deal with chronic health issues, But Fevers and fevers for months are not normal for me.

There has been a whole lot of laying on the couch under two blankets, slipper boots on, and fleece jacket zipped up to my neck. My fevers make me FREEZING. I only wish they had come on in the summer when I was mowing! 

 these booties have become my bff. I am rarely without them on.
And Water, water, water, more water. I got pretty sick at the end of last week and my Dr was concerned my Kidney infection had returned, so I had to go to the lab for a certain test. Apparently I was quite dehydrated as I drank a large cup of Cherry Coke on the way over thinking it would help, and then this entire almost 30 oz thing of ice water. Let's just say I was there for a while with not much success.

My Mom reminded me yesterday when I was getting discouraged that my fever was back once again, that even thought the dr's and I don't know what is wrong with me yet, God does, and he is in control. It can be hard not knowing what your body is doing or how to predict how i'll feel from one hour to the next (forget days) but I am thankful that God knows!

I am very grateful and Choosing Joy that he allowed my fever to go away for one full day! That just so happened to be this past Saturday!!

I celebrated by finally raking my leaves ( I have been so exhausted that by the time i'm done teaching each day, I lay down on the couch and don't move much)

I had to laugh at myself because I was so excited to be raking leaves and just be outside and DOING SOMETHING! It felt great! I said to myself, Cherrybear, you must have really been sick to be as excited as you are about manual labor :)

After I got done with the leaves I decided it was time to clean my poorly neglected house and arrange to set up my tree. I had to move some furniture and find temporary homes for it to make space in my living room. Well one thing led to another which led me to move every single piece of furniture in my living room! And drag in all of my 7907890 tubs of Christmas items. 

Needless to say I was pretty tired on Sunday and my fever had returned BUT I was Choosing Joy that the Lord had given me one really great day when I felt good, and had tons of energy and was able to live a little bit. That is all i can ask for! One day at a time.

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