Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

How's that for an original title??!

Halloween this year was so much fun! It was the first year that i've lived in a house in a neighborhood and have been able to pass out candy! Actually it was my first year EVER passing out candy! Growing up in the boondocks no one comes trick or treating to your house. I wasn't quite sure what to expect but I did enjoy it! And next year, I will buy more candy :)

 For my outfit this year I dressed up as Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds! It should be noted that I didn't have to buy a single part of my outfit, which is either embarrassing or a good thing. I am still finding sequins and sparkles throughout my house.
 I found these spider web tights that I had never opened or worn and thought they were perfect!
 Oh Derek Morgan, you are so so dreamy!!!
 Making the world a safer place, one bad guy at a time.

I dressed up on Weds this year and not the actual day of Halloween, because one of my students was dressing up as Dr Spencer Reid, also from Criminal Minds. Alas, she got stuck at school with a spelling competition (how fitting is that??!!) and wasn't able to get her costume at home before coming to her lesson. #sadness
 On Halloween Day these two cuties changed in their vehicle before coming to their after school lesson! I LOVED IT!!! they were SO cute!! And I'm dying, DYING, over the cowgirl's pose.
That evening as I was passing out candy I was SO excited to have another one of my students who lives nearby come to my house to trick or treat! Isn't she adorable?! I mean that cheese face, I love it!! It should be noted that it was beyond cold and SNOWED on Halloween, yes, snow, so pretty much everyone's costumes were paired with coats and cold weather attire. this little cutie was a pink skeleton.

All in all I had a fun Halloween and enjoyed passing out candy! My neighborhood has a large amount of 8-12 year old boys and every single one of them was dressed in a scary outfit, 90% with a freaky mask. I may or may not have yelped a little bit each time I opened the door to one of their freaky mask faces.

Shockingly, I only saw 3 Elsa's.

I blame it on the cold weather and less than large trick or treating crowds.

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