Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Get Stuff for Free: Hulu Plus and Birchbox Edition

This is not an advertisement, and I am not cool enough for companies to contact me to write about their products. I just wanted to share my tips and tricks on how to make the most out of your hard earned money by saving where you can, but still getting cool stuff!

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good deal. And that I'm kind of cheap. But I also like nice things, I just hate paying a lot for stuff. I believe my Mom refers to it as "Champagne taste on a Beer budget" (Not that I drink, just a saying)

My Mom has always clipped coupons and shopped for sales, and because of that, even though we didn't grow up with much money, we still had plenty of stuff and never went without. My Mom knows how to make a penny scream and beg for mercy. I am no where near her level of awesome thriftyness, but I am trying!

So I thought I would share some of my $$ saving tips and tricks.

First Off- Hulu Plus

For several years I had cable, and it pained me everytime I had to pay my cable bill. One year my Parents gave me a Roku for Christmas and it changed my life! As well as my bank account. With my Roku I can watch Netflix and Hulu PLus for 7.99 a month for each. Can't beat that. Well, actually, you can!!

Earlier this year I joined Bing Rewards. You've probably heard of Bing and maybe used them for a search instead of google. Basically you get points for 2 searches you do up to 15 points a day. With random 30 point days thrown in here and there, and bonus points daily.

I search alot so this was a no brainer for me. I joined without really knowing anything about it or what the rewards were.  Imagine my glee when I found out that I could use my points to redeem for one month of hulu plus! 

I have not paid for Hulu Plus since January of 2014. I have credits on my account until January of 2015.

11 months x 7.99 a month=87.89 SAVED!


They do have other rewards, but pretty much all of them are 5.00 giftcards. To me, redeeming mine for hulu plus made more sense, considering it was worth 2.99 more than the standard 5.00 gift card.

Takes me maybe 2-3 mins a day to do my searches. I do all of them at once, usually while watching tv.


A few years ago I heard about a cool new company that for 10.00 a month would send you a box of personalized makeup samples to you door. The fact that in came in a pink box, and was like opening a  wrapped present inside was merely a bonus.

Many try, but no one compares to BIRCHBOX. That's right people, I am a Birchbox devotee! I get crazy excited near the first of the month to see the sneak peaks and stalk my account page so that I can find out what i'm getting in my box by the 10'th of the month. We won't even discuss how much i stalk the mail man when I know my box has been shipped. It's slightly obsessive.

There are many great things about Birchbox and I could go on and on and on but I'll try to keep it short.

I found that I was spending A LOT of money trying out different makeup at the drugstore. I would buy things and not like them, or the color ect was wrong. then i was stuck with makeup i didn't like, or that didn't work for me, and I was out alot of money. I thought Birchbox would be a great way to try stuff and get things tailored for my skin and face. I was right. 

The best thing about Birchbox is by far their points system. let me break it down for you.

Each month you get your BB filled with at least 5 makeup samples. (it is very common to receive at least one full sized makeup product in your box) you try them out and then go onto birchbox.com and leave a product review for the items you received. takes maybe a minute a piece, super fast, super easy, just giving your opinion on what you liked or didn't like.

 Each review gives you 10 Birchbox Points, (which is basically 1.00.)

100 Birchbox points it is good for 10.00 off anything you want to buy in their online store.

They have many of the brands and products you find at Sephora. Benefit, Laura Mercier, The Balm, and the list goes on. 

I usually save my points up until I have 30-40 dollars, and combine that with one of their 20 or 30 % off promos.

To give you an idea of some things I have gotten for next to nothing:

I have bought my favorite BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline Perfume for 20 bucks (retails for 64) thanks to my points and promo codes. 

I love Benefit's They're Real Eye Brow stuff, retails for 24.00, I've gotten it for free.

Stila had a 3 pack lip glaze set, I purchased it earlier this summer and paid 1.15.

To me Birchbox is a no brainer. If you like makeup, and prefer or would like to have the more expensive brands but can't really afford it, birchbox is a great way to try before you buy with the monthly samples, and then save your points up to get the fancy stuff you love but can't afford!

I really don't buy makeup anymore, not unless I can get it for free or very close to it from Birchbox.

And of course they have referrals as well. For each person you refer you can get 5.00 to use in the Birchbox shop. So if you have many friends it could add up quickly!

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