Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Audra's Happy Merry Birthday Christmas & Baby Shower

 It has become a yearly tradition to meet up at Audra's house right before Christmas and celebrate her Birthday, and Christmas together! This year we also threw in a baby shower gift since #bb15 is on it's way!

I was DONE baking after the copious of baking I did for my students, so I opted to get a way yummier ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. If you're wondering if Chocolate Xtreme is as good as it sounds, I can verify that it is!!! Here is the birthday girl posing with her cake!

 After cake it was time for presents! Cubs was a little upset that i had forgotten his at home. whoopsie!
 He still loves me though, so he was happy to pose! Poor guys eyes kept closing with my crazy bright flash!

 If you're wondering what kind of excellent packing that is.... I had one of her presents shipped to her house because i was concerned it wouldn't arrive in time for our dinner, so i thought better late than sorry so I had it sent to her house and what do you know it came on the day of our dinner! So no fancy wrapping paper for it.
 Auds with her presents! I got her a super cute purse/diaper bag combo which is so cute that I almost wanted one for myself! I love that it didn't look like a diaper bag but could still fit half of the nursery in it! My kind of bag! Or luggage as my chiropractor would call it! I also gave her a super cute necklace, that is pearly and sparkly! I have a pearl necklace that we share :) i've had it for years and keep trying to find one like it as it's pretty much the best necklace ever and she loves it. Still haven't found a matching one but this one was really pretty!!
 One of my gifts was a really pretty monogram ring! We have matching rings now! I am jealous of how nice Audra's hands look in this pic. Mine look like a 12 yr old boys. I put off painting my nails for Christmas until after I was done playing Christmas concerts and doing my Glissando in Hark the Herald Angels Sing. (Nothing like leaving nail polish specks on the piano keys!)

 And for our yearly by Audra's tree pic! So you'll notice here Auds is in flip flops, and I am in my slipper boots (which yes, i brought to her house) looking like i'm in the North Pole.  After taking the pic we deduced that was not quite the look we were going for, so off came all of the shoes.

 Much better! And as a bonus, our toes were painted the same exact red!
And finally, a picture with my long lost little brother, my curly haired twin. He is such a handsome guy! Love my Cub Cubs!

I'm so excited to have a new member of the family to add to our picture taking for next year!!!!!!

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