Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Tour

 Brace yourselves for a huge picture overload! And consider yourself lucky that I did not take pictures of all of my decorations! I wish I had gotten pics of my nativities that I got from my Grams. they are so pretty and filled with memories! Anywho, we start off in my favorite room, the Piano Studio! Alongside the piano is my mini piano tree. It holds all of the ornaments that i make each year for my students, along with some silver and red dollar spot target finds.
 It's just so festive! It looks SO pretty at night time!
 Right by the tree on the wall I decided my music notes needed some decoration as well!
 This looks cuter in person! ha! Sly is sitting on the spare Piano stool, I've got colored lights hanging on the wall of fame, and of course, my humidifier with bleach water. #killallthegerms
 I forgot to take a picture of the top of my armoire until Christmas Party in your lesson week, hence the plates of cookies and goodness. They are not normally there :)
 I like all of my little trees and I LOVE my little caroling kids wind up singing thingy. It was my Grams and I have fun memories of it! I love having some of her decorations and incorporating them into my home. It makes me feel like she is here and just makes me smile.
 This area is not so cute but oh well! The light up snowman is another one of my Grams. It would always be off when I would walk in, and I would walk straight over to it on the kitchen counter, and push back his broom and watch it light up. 32 years of this :) 
 This was my Grams as well, three musical angels! I have it sitting on top of my piano.
 Now off to the living room! A festive Snowman standing on top of the magazine rack.
 On top of my entertainment center are some more snowmen. Hanging on the door is my work stocking I have had for 8? years!
 Greeting people as they walk in is my Lumberjack Moose. He was holding a take your shoes off sign, but people kept running into him and my sign would fall down :(
 Right beside the front door is a little scene that my Grams crafted years ago.
 Snowman rug out for people to put their shoes on. A small red sleigh which is holding the previously mentioned take your shoes off sign. And my tree!!
 Ahhh!! Pretty tree! I have large sparkly ornament balls hanging from the pulls on my ceiling light/fan. And in the corner i have a few light up village pieces of my Grams that have special meaning/memories to them.
 Above my couch I have family pictures mixed in with some Christmas pieces. A picture of Bethlehem ( on the far right) a tree, an angel, some more sparkly ornaments and a snowman.
 This may be one of my favorite pieces! This Angel tree topper is VINTAGE, like 1950's/60's vintage and was my grandparents All of my memories of their tree had this angel on it! When it was time to decorate for Christmas i knew I HAD to find the angel topper! Thankfully when I was home at Thanksgiving and looking through my Grams stuff I found this girl, and yes, i hugged the box. I was so happy to find her!!!!
 My little village pieces in the corner.
 Shot of all the presents before i packed them up! I was glad I was done teaching as it was getting a little bit crowded!!

 I waited until the last minute, LITERALLY minutes before I was supposed to be loading up my truck to take my in front of my tree pictures. Hence the somewhat awkward poses.  And yes, I have bare feet because it was stinking 53 degrees in December in Indiana. Crazy.
So there you have it! My First Christmas in my house! I didn't get pictures of all my decorations and rooms, but it was very festive! I love it!!

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