Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Let it NOT Snow

This isn't that exciting of a post but I want to do better about documenting my life and happenings on this ol blog! Last week we got our first big snow of the winter. Which made it my first time to shovel! Yes, I have lived in Indiana for years but have never shoveled thanks to my family living on a farm with tractors and having an older brother. Now that I own my own house I'm responsible for shoveling. oh the joy. It was crazy cold, think negative temperatures, and I couldn't find my long johns, so I had to improvise a cold weather outfit. It wasn't cute, but it kept me warm enough that I was sweating when I finished!

First, I layered leggings under my fleecy yoga pants, added thick socks, a long sleeved shirt, my fleece jacket, and put my winter coat over that. I wore two hats (both were not that thick, so 2 thin hats = 1 thick hat) and wrapped my piano scarf around my face as a make shift face mask. It wouldn't stay in place, so i took my pink scarf and tied it over the piano scarf to hold it in place.

Again, it wasn't cute. but I was warm! It was rather humorous, so of course i had to take a picture. Yes, my coat would barely button with all those layers.
 Ready to head out!
 The pictures are actually from the second snow we had. We had two snows in one week. And on the first snow I was lazy and didn't clear all of my driveway. Soooooo my drive way was a bit hard to clean the second time, due to the packed down snow and ice. Don't judge.
 I still thought I did a good job!
 So far I have the nicest sidewalk out of all of my neighbors AND I currently hold the title as the person who shovels first. Go me!
 Look at that nice sidewalk!
 Walk in front of my house and door.
Annnnnnd this is what it looked like once I came inside! HA!

All in all, I think I prefer raking leaves to shoveling snow. Or at least my back does! By the weekend my back was OUT and I was hobbling around like a hunchback. Old Age Problems :)

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