Friday, February 6, 2015

Life in Phone Pics

 For Christmas my Mom gave me the snuggliest boots! They are super warm and furry inside. I decided to make them into slipper boots, and only wear them inside.  I pared them with my new favorite jeggings I got at Dollar General. Random, yes, my SIL had a pair on when they visited last fall and I loved them! I was able to snag myself a pair on clearance and I wear them at least twice a week.
 It was cold enough that I made some hot chocolate in the mug that my Grams had bought for me before she went into hospice. <3 font="">
 Zebra socks, favorite jeggings, and sun shine. ahhhhh...
 My never ending sinus infection came back, so I have spent most of my free time like this. Laying on the couch, bundled up in several blankets. (Fever makes me COLD)
 Went to the chiro a few fridays ago and ahhhhh........ best way to start off the weekend!!
 It started snowing after church 2 weeks ago, the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen! They were beautiful! I tried to take a picture while I was at a stop light but it just didn't go it justice.
 You might be a "Boy Aunt" if you see machinery and take pictures of it just to send to your nephew.
 Apparently Wednesday for me have turned into "Duggar Days" I keep wearing skirts on Weds for some reason.
 Can't forget the tights, it's cold people!
 Audra and Cub Cubs came over for our last dinner date before she has her baby! Cubbie and I got in some good snuggle time. I love my cubbie cuddling time!
 Last weekend I had to get up at 7:30 am on a Saturday. Which is painful to even type. In order to get ready for a music competition I was accompanying a student for. I was very happy to find this in my fridge, and let me tell you, I will be buying more! It was tasty and it WORKED! Hallelujah for Caffeine.
 I was there early so I stopped in the rest room. I have never taken a selfie in a HS bathroom, and I just couldn't resist it. Shoot, I have barely ever BEEN in a HS!
 And another one just for good measure!! Do I look tired? It's because I was! 
 And then I ended up sitting on the floor of the hallway in said HS. Beside another Pianist waiting for their student to arrive for their performance.
And lastly I started off the week with a quick little valentine's day craft. I wrapped one of my canvas' with love paper and then cut out hearts and added my students names. Quick, simple and easy! It's sitting in my studio now and the students have loved trying to find where their names are!

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