Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Meeting Addison Jane

 Last week something happened that I have been waiting, hoping and praying for, for a very long time! My dear friend Audra had her first baby girl, Addison Jane, and I got to meet her and hold her for the first time!!!! I was BEYOND excited!!!!
 I can't come up with words to adequately describe what it was like to hold her for the first time! She is such a little cutie, and she was so light! and so tiny! She dressed in a special festive outfit for our first girls lunch and my birthday lunch! This might be my favorite new picture :)
 Or maybe this is! A self portrait with the three of us!!!!! So exciting!! And yes, I have mad Auntie Skillz, I can hold a baby and take a picture at the same time. 4 years of practice with Snugglemuffin :)
 After lunch we went to the living room and snuggled and sweet little Addie Girl just slept and slept in my arms.
 Cub Cubs Wasn't too happy about his snuggle buddy snuggling someone else!
 You just can't take enough pictures of babies sleeping. They are so precious!
 Sleeping Beauty.
 It cracked me up how Addie liked sleeping with her arms up. Doesn't she look like a doll? I kept staring at her, she was just so perfect that she almost didn't look real!
And then, right before I left, she was thinking about waking up and grabbed onto my finger. She was holding my hand! erm, well finger. It was so sweet, I just about cried! Sweet little Addie Jane! I am so excited you are finally here! I can't wait to get to know her and her personality and watch this precious little girl grow!

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