Friday, March 13, 2015

Wednesdays with Addie

 I wasn't kidding when I told Audra "I hope you enjoy spending your maternity leave with me!"! I have turned into an Addison Jane stalker, or as I like to call her "Addie Girl" and I have no plans on giving up stalking that little punkin! She is just too precious!

 So on Wednesday of this week, I made some lunch and brought it over to Addie and her Momma!  After lunch Addie was sleepy, but was fighting sleep. Auds suggested I stand up and hold her, so I stood and did my patented rock and sway and she was out like a light in a matter of minutes! I was cracking up at her sleep position of choice. I had her on my shoulder, and she kept wiggling down until she found where she wanted to be.
 I mean how is this even comfortable? Who knows, babies are flexible little things. My back and neck just hurt looking at her.
 We learned that selfies with baby work better when I am sitting, thanks to the height difference between me and Auds. Lesson learned!
 And now back to the weird sleeping positions. I mean, look at her leg!  I didn't realize how she was kicking it, (she literally feels so light you can barely tell you're holding her) and Audra grabbed my camera and said she had to take a picture so I could see Addie's leg. Apparently she is on her way to becoming a Karate master? A ninja?
 Still out like a light, limbs going everywhere. Silly girl! Despite me thinking it looked painful to my old lady body, she must have been comfy because she slept this way for almost 2 hours.
 I mean just look at that cuteness! The only downside was that she was a hot little inferno! My chest was flaming red after and I was wondering if I was having an early hot flash. Next time, Charity will wear a short sleeved top before snuggling. :) So worth it though!
I finally had to pull myself away from snuggling to leave and go back home to teach several lessons. I go outside and click my keyless entry and nothing... No unlocking. get closer to my truck, do it again, nothing. Sinking feeling. Look in the window of my driver's side and see my light switch ON. I'm still not sure when I left it on, but my battery was deader than a doornail.

I walk back to Audra's front door where she and the "kids" :) are waiting to see me pull away.  Thankfully, this is not my first time to leave my lights on, and because of that my awesome Dad got me a very fancy pair of jumper cables AND taught me how to use them. We'll not discuss how many times i have used them, but let's just say I completely know how to jump a car. (Sidenote, this has came in handy for others as well, one of my student's Mom had a dead battery and Miss Charity saved the day by jump starting her mini van. Oh yes, I am awesome!)

Anywho, Auds was kind enough to back out her car and then hold the hood up while I went to work. I think I can safely say this is the first time she has ever jumped a car. But as she is my friend, it will most likely not be the last! HA!

After we got it started, and we quit cheering, she asked "So what do we do now?"  I said, well first, we take a picture to commemorate this moment! And she posed and smiled like a champ. #thatswhywerefriends

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