Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesdays with Addie

 So this was Addie's second trip to my house for a girls lunch. The first lunch she slept all the way through, so no good pics were taken. 

This time her Momma and Charity were having such a lively chat over lunch that we woke her up! I was happy to see those little eyes! She is always sleeping when I am holding her! 

I was not happy to see how grown up she looks. I mean seriously, sitting up and holding her head up like a big girl? NOT OK.

 Momma and daughter. Oh man, just got a little teary eyed just typing that!
 3 people, 1 camera, all of us looking in different directions. Audra is the only one who was doing it right! I got a new camera, which is awesome and I love it! One of the great things about it is that it has a selfie screen on front so you can pose yourself well before taking the shot. I'm still having a problem looking at the screen instead of the center of the camera! So be prepared to see more pics like this with me looking off to the side. you've been warned.
 Addie's face in this cracks me up! Homegirl has the BEST facial expressions.
I think here she is giving us the stink eye for taking so many pictures. She was having a grand ol time SITTING in my lap, looking out at everything. Again, not OK! Quit growing baby girl!

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