Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesdays with Addie- The Last Lunch

 (I really wish we'd had Supper this day and then I could have titled this blog as The Last Supper. )
Last Wednesday was our final Wednesdays with Addie lunch before her Momma heads back to work. I feel like her maternity leave went by SO quickly! Not gonna lie, I am pretty bummed to not get to see and snuggle my Addie girl every other Wednesday :(

As per the usual, Addie slept thru our lunch. In her almost 12 weeks of life I have barely seen her awake. But she does look pretty adorable sleeping, and I DO love cuddling with her, so I am ok with that!
 We ignored the let sleeping babies lie, and got her out of her swing about 45 mins before i needed to leave, so we could get some snugglies in. She was a little upset but I was able to calm her down with her puppy/wubbie and...
 The Patented Auntie Charity Squat/Rock/Bounce. Works like a charm, every single time. I am going to have really toned legs by the time all of these babies turn 1 year old.
 We attempted a 3 person selife, Addie was struggling a little bit, but her Momma and I look good! I love how she was looking at her Mommy. So sweet!
 These are my people.
 After my patented moves, she went back to sleep and I took my place in our cuddle spot. It cracks me up that she always wants to sleep in and around my armpit.
I don't know if you can tell but her pants have the ruffle butt! I love ruffle butts!!! SO stinkin cute!!!

And yes, my face is a different shade than the rest of my body, because when I've been outside I have put copious amounts of sunscreen on my face and then shielded it further with a hat and sunglasses. This girl is not a fan of sun damage! however, I might need to get some self tanner for my face so i don't look quite so odd.. :)

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