Sunday, June 21, 2015

Catch up

 As I've mentioned before I'm trying to keep my face out of the sun to prevent any further sun damage. Its going well but I noticed that my face and neck were a ghastly white compared to the rest of my body. I decided to buy some facial self tanner (Jergen's FYI) and am quite pleased with the results! Granted it does smell a little bit, but it has helped even out my skin tone, and best of all it has really helped me go almost bare faced! NO foundation and just a tiny bit of powder when i feel like it! Hurray! Perfect for the sweaty summer!
 Life has been busy with Teaching and extra curricular activities for my students. Miss. S. had her 18'th birthday party at a blood drive a few weeks ago so I went to that and enjoyed the cake and pizza even though I couldn't donate.
 And the week before that was her Highschool graduation! Sniff, sniff..
 Had a dinner adventure with Audra and Addie. Addie is all about that thumb, 
 Bout that thumb, no paci..
 See what I mean? She is adorable, I can't believe how big she is getting! I want her to stay small but then i'm also excited for her to talk and hear what is going on in that little brain of hers!
 Did I mention that while at the blood drive I got to meet Phil the Blood drop?
 He helped Miss. S donate..
 So many things in this picture make me laugh!
I snapped this picture the other day to show my Mom how tall my plant had gotten. While I was on fb later the same day I noticed that a year ago I had posted a picture of my new home. If you had told me a year ago that I'd be buying it now and be a homeowner, I would have laughed in your face! I love my little home!
 At the end of May I got to meet sweet little Roman! Jboz finally had her baby, and the little stinker came several hours before his momma was going to be induced! Labor happened so fast that none of us made it to the hospital before he was born! Little guy definitely knows what he likes, when he wants it, and what he doesn't like. For example, Like-Sucking his thumb. Dislike:Being Hungry. I should say EXTREMELY dislikes being hungry!
 Going at that thumb...
 Within a few minutes of this crying picture, I had Rock, Bounce, Sway Patted him to sleep. The first time he had went to sleep after being born and Auntie Charity did it! #skillz #babywhisperer
Last week I got to go visit him and his Momma and soak in his cuteness. And Baby smell. Oh Baby Smell. If I could bottle it up I would! 

Such a sweet little boy! I look forward to many more cuddles with my Ro Ro!

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