Monday, June 22, 2015

Migraine Prevention

Last year during the Spring I posted a question on facebook, trying to find some information on how others prevented migraines and dealt with them. It ended up being a fairly popular post, and I learned that it's not just me that deals with Migraines frequently.

I've learned a few things in the past year, one which has had a HUGE impact on my Migraine activity, so I thought I would do a post to share some tips and tricks I have learned along the way.

Initially I was looking at prescription medicine as a way to help prevent my migraines. I tried a popular drug prescribed to me by my Dr. I didn't last 4 days taking it. How such a small pill can make someone feel so dizzy and loopy I don't know. But it did. It was TERRIBLE. I decided I would rather have migraines than feel like that!

About mid summer I got a second Chiropractor who gave me the great tip of using ice packs on my back. I started using them on my neck and my face when I was wanting to have a migraine or feeling nauseated from my chronic illness with my colon. It helped me not to barf my guts out so i was sold.

However I was still getting Migraines. Especially with weather changes. My prescription pain medicine for migraines was actually making it worse for me. So my Dr suggested that I do Excedrin Migraine, along with either Benadryl or one of my nausea medicines, Phenergan. Apparently the anti histamine in both has an effect on headaches. I tried it and it worked! But it didn't prevent them.

Fast Forward to January, I was at my Chiropractor #1's office and his receptionist, who also suffers from debilitating Migraines, told me she had found something that REALLY helped prevent migraines. And best of all, it was all natural. No prescription needed, and no weird side effects. It was actually a vitamin. Yes, I said VITAMIN!


I don't know what or how it does it, but I have been taking Magnesium faithfully once a day since January and I have only had one migraine in six months. And that Migraine did not lay me flat on the couch. I was able to fight it off with PLAIN TYLENOL!! my nausea meds, and an ice pack. For times where I can't have an ice pack on the back of my neck, teaching, ect.. I roll on some Biofreeze which is delightful menthol stuff in a cool roll on. 

Magnesium has been a game changer. I don't even have Excedrin migraine in my house, as I am able to control the very few on coming headaches i have with just tylenol and some cold stuff on my head. 

Now when the weather does do a huge drop, I try to be proactive and take some tyenol around the huge change, so nothing tries to start. Sometimes I will get a small headache or feel tightening around my head, but I am able to fight off the migraine and keep on about my day which is nothing short of amazing!

If you suffer from Migraines, I would encourage you to try Magnesium! It's something your body needs anyway. If you can take a vitamin and control your headaches it is totally worth it!!

(as always check with your Dr before taking it, I don't know if any medications are not to be mixed or taken at the same time as Magnesium. I'm not a Dr. I just watch them on TV ;) )

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