Friday, July 17, 2015

Girls Night with A&A

 Last night Audra and Addie came over to my house and we had a girls night dinner! Funny Story, I put chicken in the crock pot to make chicken tacos for our dinner. They were frozen so I put them in earlier in the day. During the afternoon I was teaching and one family came in and sniffed and thought it smelled SO good. The brother of my student sighed in glee when I said it was chicken tacos. He was all about crashing dinner, until he heard that it was going to be girls night. His little 9 yr old self wanted nothing to do with that! ha!
 I had to take some pictures of my set up, all of the glassware was my Grams. I wasn't sure what to do with it, and I thought why not use it! No sense in having pretty things and not using them. So I did!
 I would also like to point out that I grew the lettuce pictured here! Despite Audra wondering what was wrong with it (small lettuce) I did in fact grow leaf lettuce! And it was tasty!
 For the first time Addie was actually AWAKE during our get together! I had so much fun playing with her and getting to see her big smiles! She was cracking me up! She kept pulling at her bow and had some problems because of it.
 Which I thought was hysterical. Sure I'll help you Addie, but first let me take a picture!

 I promise you she is SO smiley and SOOOOOo sweet, we haven't quite gotten down the smile for a picture with Miss Charity yet, but we are working on it :) And check out her gorgeous blue eyes!!!! Love that girl.
 And I love this girl too! I realized right as we were carrying stuff out to Audra's car that we forgot to get a picture together! SO i ran inside and grabbed my camera..
And then we decided it would look better with my house in the background instead of a car :)

Love our girls night and I'm obsessed with our new addition!!

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