Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Beauty Routine

Today I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Andrea, to join in on her Show and Tell Tuesdays. This week it is all about Beauty Routines, and I thought it sounded like fun! I am no beauty expert, and my motto is to spend as little of time putting on makeup as possible. So here's my routine!

I need to start off by saying this is my Summer Routine. I wanted to wear less face makeup, think NO foundation, but I have less than perfect skin. I bought some Jergen's Self Tanner Moisturizer for my face to help even out my skin tone, and give my face some color. (After the Dermatologist nightmare from earlier this year, I have become hardcore about sunscreen and keeping my face out of the sun)

I'm happy to say the Self Tanner is working and I do not look like Oompa Loompa! * My Junior year roomies and suitemates are relieved at this point.* I put on the self tanner in the evenings, maybe every other day, or when i remember to do it :)

After I get out of the shower and brush my teeth, I put moisturizer on while I am getting dressed, so it can soak into my skin before putting on my makeup. Right now I'm using this Aveeno one, which I received as a sample from Crowdtap and I really like it! Perfect for my sensitive skin.

Next up I slap some of Dr Brandt's Pores no More on my nose. I received it as a sample in my Birchbox a long time ago, it really helps even out my pores!
Another Birchbox find (sensing a theme here??) is Juice Beauty's Finishing powder. It's all natural and smells like fruit, which takes a little getting used to. I dust some of this all over my face to help even out the redness and cover the shine from my oily skin!

 After that if I'm wearing eyeshadow I will put primer on my lids, again, super oily eyes! This is the one i'm using and loving right now.
 Doesn't look so cute inside but you get the picture!

 If I feel like wearing eye shadow I will grab my latest favorite Palette, the Revealed (1) from again, Birchbox. It's very close to the Naked 1 and at a fraction of the price at 19.95!
Lots of great neutral tones. Perfect for summer!
 Eyeshadow or no eye shadow I always wear eye liner. Today I went with no eyeshadow and instead did a pretty blue eye liner. Colored eyeliner alone is one of my favorite tricks to look pulled together but really not be wearing much eye makeup! #lazy

My favorite liquid eye liner is Eeyko Eye Duo also from Birchbox.
 Mascara at the moment is Passion Eyes by D&G. I think I received it as a sample during a Sephora order and I love it! I usually wear 2 mascaras at once, one to lengthen my puny lashes and another to bulk them up. This is doing the job nicely!
And finally, my eyebrow pencil. I got this in another beauty box, it's IT Cosmetics and it is really nice! One end is the pencil, which adjusts to your hair shade (so fancy) and the other end is the spooly. I have never used a spooly on my eyebrows before but now i'm hooked! It really helps blend the makeup in and make them look natural.  My brows have turned blondeish and thanks to over plucking in my college years they are not very full or thick! Kids, don't over pluck your brows. #lifewisdom

So those are my beauty favorites for summer of 2015! It takes me about 10 mins to put on, 15 if i do eyeshadow. Fast and Easy but also put together!


Nikki Cotton // Carry Grace said...

I was surprised at how good the Revealed Palettes are. I only have the #2, but I really like it better than my naked 3.

You have some fun favorites!

Charity said...

I have the 2 as well, several of the tones were a bit too pinky for my skin tone. But I am LOVING the 1!! I like the quality of the revealed ones better than the naked! It doesn't take much product to get a good color on your eyes.