Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Addie Jane goes Swimming for the First Time!

My name is Charity and I blog about my friends kids. 

But seriously, I love my little Addie Jane! After waiting and praying for so long it is so neat to have her in our lives now! I could stare at her cute face all day, and let's not even talk about sniffing her sweet baby smelling head and giving her kisses. #promiseimnotcreepy #babiessmellmagical

So it was really exciting, to me at least :) that Addie Jane and her Momma came over last week and she went swimming for the first time in my pool! 

She wasn't quite sure what to think at first. Possibly because the pool was as warm as bath water and we were in it with her. Once she decided I wasn't going to drop her or let her go, she warmed up to the idea! She really liked kicking her little legs in the water, and chewing on the little balls and pool toys i put in.

Isn't she SO adorbs in that hat?!
 (Please ignore the huge pile of dirt in my backyard left over from my sewage repair.)

 A little bit of a smile!! Notice her legs are kicking away!
 Addie and her Momma. And my trash can. And the neighbors window with no blinds that he likes to look out and stare at me. (not creepy AT all)
 After we were done swimming I wrapped up Addie in a big towel, she was a fan! She's also a fan of her thumb :)
 We sat in the kitchen drying off in the a/c and snuggling while her Momma changed.
 Notice the thumb.
 I can't look at this picture without laughing! She looks terrified, and is holding on the towel like I hold onto my blanket when I watch Criminal Minds. She wasn't scared, I think she was a little freaked out by my camera, as she could see herself on the selfie screen.

 We all changed into dry clothes and had a snack, and it wasn't long until I was standing up holding Addie girl and looked down to see her head heading towards my arm. She was out like a light! Swimming wears a girl out! I was glad to see my awesome putting babies to sleep skills were still alive and well!
 Her Momma left Addie with me to snooze while she went and picked up dinner. Officially the first time I have babysat her! Granted it was only for a little bit but still!! Hopefully the first of many!
 She was just snoozin away, and I was taking pictures of course, I can't resist such a cute face!
 I mean seriously. It doesn't get more precious than that!

 One of my favorite views!

So Miss Addie slept thru me sitting down, turning the news on quietly, and taking obnoxious amounts of photos of her, BUT when I dared to move a pillow and put it by her feet she startled awake! It didn't help that there was a light on right by the love seat, so her eyes were a little blinded upon waking up. Once she was awake she didn't want to sit down, so I stood up and turned my back to the tv so she could see as she was up on my shoulder..... 

  I kid you not, Cameron our meteorologist comes on the news and Addie immediately stops fussing and was transfixed watching him forecast the weather! It was the funniest thing! I'm not sure whether she liked him or the weather, but whatever it was, she was a fan! So funny!

Stole this pic from Audra, love my sweet little Addie Girl!

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