Monday, August 10, 2015

This Ol' House- The Great Sewer Repair of 2015

My 4 year old nephew might be the only person who finds this blog post interesting. But since Bekah blogged about their sewer repair I figured, hey, if Bekah can do it, so can I!

Brace yourselves for a thrilling blog post.

Last year after I moved in, not even a month after I had been here, I began to have sewer issues. I would do the laundry or take a shower, and water would back up in the tub, and also come out the bottom of the toilet and flood my bathroom. It was not good. It happened twice, one in July and once in Sept, and I basically lived in fear for it happening again. 

When you 1. Work from home and have alot of people in and out of your house and 2. Have Digestive problems, not having a restroom is not an option!

I made it to June of this year, And then the inevitable happened. It clogged. Again. I had it roto routered twice, and finally the day came for it to be repaired!

My sewer line was previously made of clay tile, and that cracks very easily. Once a crack happens, the waste turns into fertilizer and BOOM you have roots and trees and all kinds of yuck growing IN your sewer line. Hence comes the clogging issues!

Bright and early one morning the guy with a very fancy two in on backhoe and bulldozer arrived.
 It was kind of funny seeing him drive thru my driveway and under my carport! I was a little worried he would hit the carport (it's a tight fit) but thankfully he didn't!
 Let's all take a moment and soak in how my backyard looked before the repair. Try not to judge my lawn chair acting as a fence from the evil bunnies. I'm determined to grow cucumbers and NOT share them with the wildlife!
 He got set up and got to digging.
 Dig. Dig, Dig a little deeper. Anyone recognize that song? Anyone?
 I was surprised at how far down the line was and how deep they had to dig!
 Finally the digging was done, the line was out, and I took the opportunity of their break to go outside and check it out!
 And no, I did not even think about getting in the bulldozer thingy. I was just trying not to fall in the huge hole.
 Speaking of the huge hole. This picture does not do it justice. When the guys were in it, they were standing, of course, and standing up straight, they were still deep in the hole nowhere near the top! I'm pretty sure you could have stood a casket UP in that hole it was that deep. Crazy!

 The line got repaired, a new PVC pipe was put in, I did a happy dance that they didn't have to tear up the concrete on my back patio, and the bulldozer guy got to work putting the dirt back.

 And then I was left with this. I had not really thought about how my backyard would look afterwards. I knew it would be dug up but I wasn't quite prepared for how much of the grass would be gone and how much of the yard would be different.
 So when I walked outside after they left and saw this big mound of dirt...
 I nearly cried. Not gonna lie. Don't get me wrong, I was SO THANKFUL it had been repaired and now I didn't have to worry and we all can use the restroom, but I was also a tad in shock at how my backyard looked. My Mom and I have been working hard on landscaping and mulching and planting flowers and bushes, ect. It was looking really nice! I'm trying to get used to my new little mountain of dirt :) and hoping that it will rain and help it to sink further into the ground. I would rather have a mound of dirt in my backyard than not have a working bathroom!
 I have no idea why this picture was added last but I am too lazy to fix it. :)

Again, not the most thrilling blog post ever, but this is my life! I tell my students not to grow up, Being an Adult is not glamorous and is not all that fun at times!

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