Thursday, September 3, 2015

Allergy Shots

To say I have had a busy summer is putting it lightly. I am not a fan of cold weather or snow, but I was happy when school started and even happier when September 1'st rolled around. 

Granted today is the hottest day of the year at 94 degrees and I feel like I am sweating in the ac. Minor Detail.

Part of my busy summer were my Allergy Shots. Earlier this year I got tested and discovered the reason I had a sinus and ear infection from Sept- Feb was because of my Allergies. In March I started allergy shots at my former ENT's, with a not nice allergy lady who made me leave crying after my first apt. I learned how to do my own shots and did them at my house once a week. I was not that good at giving myself shots and had huge bruise spots on my arms, and then on my stomach.

When I went back to the office to get another batch of medicine, my insurance had changed and they refused to see me. I left the office again in tears and raced home to get on my insurance's website to find a new Dr. I called the first person on the list, who just happened to be the FABULOUS Dr Sheth at Lafayette Allergy Clinic. When I called I was understandably stressed and worried, and the receptionist and nurse I spoke to were both SO nice to be, and went so out of their way to find me an apt time and make sure I got the right kind of apt. (Having been thru testing before I didn't need to go thru it again) Their kindness and helpfulness left me in tears again, and really excited for my apt the following week.

My apt did not disappoint and I have been very happy with the care and help they have given me! They gave me a very clear treatment place, which was great. I had the option to do shots once a week or twice a week and I opted for twice a week so that I could hit my maintenance level of shots before the fall and winter hit. 

So Every Monday and Thursday all summer long, have found me at the dr's office getting my shot. Even though I had learned how to do shots at home by the former allergist, I wasn't great at them, and don't love needles, so I was not bothered AT ALL by the fact that my new dr had me do shots in the office.

Today marked my last twice weekly shot! YAY!! I told the nurse on Monday that we would have to take a picture of the last shot and she was totally game. Thankfully I had her again today, so she already knew my crazy plan to document my last weekly shot :) Another sign of a great staff, they let me commemorate the moment! ha! They also gave me a shirt which was just icing on the cake!

So now I will go every 2 weeks to have a shot, and I am very excited about that! It will be nice not to have to rush over to the dr's before lessons.

I am really glad I found out that I'm allergic to basically everything, and started shots. Even though I still can't mow my own yard, and get stuffy and sneezy around cats (don't like them anyway!) and after being outside for a while. I can tell a huge difference in how I breathe and feel.

Case in point, one of my students gave me the cold that is going around. After a few days it turned into a sinus and ear infection. Last year, before Allergy shots, I would get sick like this and be one several rounds of antibiotics (we're talking at least a MONTH) before I would get rid of the sickness. Only to have it come back again. This time, I was on antibiotics for 10 days and just so happened to have an apt with Dr Sheth the final day and he confirmed, NO sign of infection! THIS IS HUGE!

I spent all of last fall and winter sick with my sinuses and feeling terrible. I am SO thankful that I will hopefully not have to deal with that, or at least very much lessen the severity of them!

So in closing- Allergy Shots-GREAT. Dr Sheth & Nurses-Sent from Heaven!

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