Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dinner with A&A

 Last week I had dinner with the girls, and am just getting around to blogging about it! It was so much fun! I could not believe how much that Miss Addie had grown into more of a little girl, vs a baby, in the few short weeks it had been since I saw her last. Now she is sitting up in her highchair with us at dinner and looking all around when she hears noises, or her Momma walks away. It was CRAZY to me to see how fast she developed into that! Slow down little girl!

I am cracking up at the selfie above, the 7 month old knows where to look for the picture, the 33 yr old. not so much.
 Outtakes, me trying to get her attention. Addie- Not caring. Ha!
 Why are you sticking that black thing in my face crazy lady? I like it better when you sweet talk me and call me a Pretty Girl!

 Obviously I had called her a Pretty Girl there :) It was so cute that when I walked into the house Addie was eating some baby food in her highchair, she kind of looked at me like who is this? And then when I started talking to her, and Calling her Addie Jane and going hey Pretty Girl, she DEFINITELY recognized my voice and just started SMILING at me. I melted into a puddle.
 I mean stop, how can you not love that face??!
 Love her. And yes her Momma and Cub Cubs were there, but her Momma was taking our picture and Cubbie was way more interested in destroying the squeaky toy that I brought for him. #priorities
After Dinner we attempted a little Piano Lesson..
 We have more work to do.
Addie Jane, like Miss Charity was baffled as to why the sharps made no noise. Miss Charity was also baffled as to why a keyboard would have only F, G, A and B.  I mean seriously, NO MIDDLE C? It greatly bothered this Piano Teacher.  I'm pretty sure Addie Jane will be getting a new piano for her birthday. Or let's face it, probably earlier! Since I have two nephews I call her my adopted niece, I have fun buying the girly stuff for her. She is impossible not to fall completely in love with!

And in case you missed it, Miss Addie Jane is now crawling. Stop. Just stop. She is the cutest crawler ever. 

I'm pretty sure Cubbie would not agree, as she is now mobile and stalking him. 

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