Monday, September 14, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up- The Nephews Come to Visit!

 These pictures are completely out of order, but I am too lazy to fix them! So enjoy the scattered weekend wrap up!
 My SIL and I have some of the same taste in clothing. Which explains why we got ready for Church Sunday morning and looked like Twins!  I hadn't really looked at us standing next to each other, and when I saw the picture I thought we looked a little dizzy-ing! My Mom said it was like one of those pictures where you have to squint your eyes to see what it really is. ha! Love the little photobomber.
 Speaking of the photobomber, he was chasing Auntie around on his little car and honking his horn at me. I refused to move and took pictures of him instead. :)
 I am obsessed with blue skies and clouds. I think they are SO beautiful! I snapped these on the way home from church Sunday. SO gorgeous!
 e're fixin to walk out the door for church and I put my sunglasses on. Snugglemuffin is instantly concerned that Auntie Charity STOLE his Sunglasses. I tell him several times they are mine and I didn't take his sunglasses, but he doesn't believe me. I'm finally vindicated as not a thief of children's sunglasses when I meet him at church and he shows me his. The Irony is that I was the one who gave him the sunglasses for Easter! So we had to take a picture of our matching Cool "John Deere" sunglasses.
 Still honking away. Auntie still taking pictures. We make quite a pair.
 He's really getting into it now. HOOONNNKKK...
 One of these days we are going to hide all of the batteries in Nana's house. Lucky for Snugglemuffin, he has an impressive array of sounds and voices he can do!
 More pretty skies.
 At this point I wanted to just stop and pull over and soak it in, but that would be weird. :)
 My SIL and I didn't just match accidentally on Sunday, oh no, we matched on Saturday as well! Pink pocketed t-shirts. Although I was FREEZING and wore a cardigan and scarf with mine most of the day. Also this pic was taken right before showers and bed, but I think we still look pretty darn good!
 This kid. He is a mess!
 After his shower we attempted some pictures. Half of them were blurry (sad face) since my camera was on the wrong setting. But even the blurry pictures are entertaining!
 He looks like he should be leaving for college in this pic. I'm not ok with that!
 Prolly our best pic, and it's blurry. #firstworldproblems
 I was trying to adjust the settings on my camera, and took a test shot of the entire room. It wasn't until I uploaded the pics on my laptop that I noticed a certain someone was making a crazy face in his chair. He kills me.
 He might look like he's headed for college, but I will never stop kissing his schmoopy cheeks! I love my Snugglemuffin!
 Lest you think poor lovemuffin got left at home, have no fear! He made it for his first trip to Nana and Grandpa's house!!

 And he was not impressed. ha!
 Poor lil guy was not having the best weekend. Friday when I got home I went over and said hello to him and was touching his arm and he took one long look at me and promptly started screaming bloody murder.
 I was slightly worried that my baby whispering had died, but he was overwhelmed from the trip and new stuff, and then the next morning we found out exactly why he was not so happy..
 My poor lil lovemuffin was cutting not 1, not 2, but 3!! teeth all at once on the top of his mouth. I felt so bad for him! Ever since my wisdom teeth came in late in my early 20's, and hurt to high heavens, I have empathy for children teething! Lovemuffin needed lots of snuggles with his momma and some cuddling with her watch.
 I would like to say that after taking it very slow and easy, but Saturday night he was ok with me talking to him and even gave his Auntie some smiles! Even though he was in pain, he was still such a little sweetheart!
 And he seriously loved that watch!
 Big Brother and Auntie got in some quality bonding time, which was super nice! We always watch some Charlie Brown on Auntie's Puter. This time we watched Snoopy is getting married, which spoiler alert, ends with Snoopy getting left at the alter and his poodle fiancee running off with a border collie. Kind of a dark subject for a cartoon! Snugglemuffin had LOTS of questions about that (as always) it turned into a conversation about Jesus, and Salvation, and why people sin and do bad things. ( i.e. Fiancee running off) he is 4 going on 40. I swear. Who knew that Charlie Brown could prompt such a deep discussion? !
 hahah this picture cracks me up! Snugglemuffin introduce little brother to the cow that he likes to ride. I'm not sure which face is funnier, Alexanders NOT IMPRESSED face or the cows eyeballs. #idie
My little love. He wasn't feeling good, but he was up to playing a little bit! His little face just kills me! I think lovemuffin is going to have a lot of great facial expressions. I have already seen so many of them with his furrowed eye brows, which are just the cutest thing ever!

It was a great weekend spent with my two favorite boys! And the rest of my family, even though my parents were sick and I tried not to breathe the same air as them. :)

(and can we just take a minute to all be impressed that I'm doing a weekend wrap up post, and i'm actually doing it the day after it happened??!! Don't get used to it! ha!)

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