Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Madi is 5!!!!

 It seems like just yesterday we were hanging out at St E and begging Emboz to get a move on pushing out Madi so Jboz and I could go home and go to bed. (In our defense it was late and we had to work early!)

 In reality it has been FIVE yes FIVE years! Crazysauce!

 Madi pants turns 5 years old today, last night we gathered to have a small family birthday dinner/movie night to celebrate her!

Side note, can I just say that how amazing it is to have friends that view you as family? I love these peeps and I'm so thankful to do life with them!

I got no pics of the food but check out that pink plate in the picture above. Her Grandma Lisa made this FABULOUS oreo ice cream cake. Sweet Mercy it was good! Madi was sitting across from me while we ate it, and she kept stopping to say Mmmm... This is good! Wow, oreos, Mmmm... I was dying. I couldn't argue with her, it was AMAZING!
 My present was a hit! She loved my little pony and was hard at work drawing them in her new mlp sketch book.
 And I got to see sweet lil Roman!!! Ahhh!! He has grown SO much since I saw him last. He is going to be tall, just like his momma and daddy. Despite his not impressed facial expression :) he was a happy lil guy! He handled being passed around and loved on by everyone.
 He was a little concerned about the flash on my camera. hahahah
 lil stinker would smile and then as soon as he saw the light on the camera give a serious face! ha!
 But his Momma managed to get a sweet lil smile! I mean stop! So cute!!!
I don't know what was going on with my face here. I believe I was talking. I think it's funny how Madi is holding onto my scarf. Crazy kid!

 I had to add these FABULOUS pictures that Madi's photog. big sis took of her! I love her Home Alone face here...
 Goober. That is basically Madi in a nutshell! Love her!

And I can't mention Madi's birthday without the best episode of Grey's Anatomy. When Em went to push, Jboz and I ran out of the room (like we were running from a fire. hahaha) and hung out in the waiting room and watched THIS episode of Greys. Do I really need to write anything else? No, I think not.

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