Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday Favorites: Halloween 2015 and More!

Hurray It's Friday!!!! 

I am SOOO ready for the weekend it's not even funny! Today I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals to share some Friday Favorites!

First up:

Christmas decorations! I have no pictures, but on Wednesday I started hauling some of my Christmas tubs out of my shed and inside, and have been decorating! My Kitchen looks like a Christmas bomb has went off but oh is my heart happy!! I'm currently sitting with the lights off, and LOVING the Christmas lights on my new table, and other various things that are lit up. Lest you think I'm crazy the tree isn't up yet, and won't go up until around Thanksgiving. I just couldn't wait any longer!

Next up- Halloween! 

This Halloween was fun because it was Addie Jane's first Halloween and I got to see her dressed up for the first time! She was SOOOOOO cute as Minnie Mouse! Let's face it, Addie Jane is cute ALL the time!

 Right when they walked in the door. Addie needs a few minutes to decide if you are a serial killer or not before she will give you a smile.
 I kept trying to get a picture of her chewing on the books I had out for her but she always took it away from her mouth to stare at the camera!
 Addie's FAVORITE new thing to do was crawl over my legs. She started with one leg and then i straightened both of my legs out, and put a blankie over them (because i'm a genius that wears a skirt and tights when babies come over) and she had the best time crawling back and forth over my legs. Again my camera failed me, and snapped the pic after she was over and off!
 Me and my girl. I just love her!
I'm kind of fond of her Mommy too! I love how Addie is sucking her thumb and holding onto her mama. <3 span="">

While we were having out mini Halloween Playdate one of my students came over to trick or treat and she was so pretty in her Zebra costume!!

 My Next Favorite wasn't on Halloween, but thankfully little Roman was happy, or, willing :) to put his ADORABLE Gnome Halloween outfit on to model for me! Isn't he SO cute?!!!!!
My flash scares him a bit, he always looks startled which is kind of hilarious to me.

 And my Final Friday Favorite is from a week ago, I had lunch with Emboz and the Madster and FINALLY got to try Jett's Pizza!! Em is from Michigan, where Jett's is from, and she was stoked when we found out they were coming to Lafayette. I am just stoked anytime i get to have pizza :) It was really good though! I loved the chicken parm pizza. Sooooo yummy!

What are your Friday Favorites?

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