Thursday, December 31, 2015

Audra's Merry Birthday Christmas!

It's New Year's Eve and I am working on getting caught up with blogging all of the latest happenings during this Holiday Season. I figured I would start with the most recent and blog about Audra's Birthday/Christmas Dinner Celebration!

Her Birthday falls right before Christmas, so we always combine our celebrations into one dinner. This year we did it after Christmas, after I got back from the Farm.

Attempting to get decent pictures with a 10 month old. Well.. Let's let the pictures do the talking..

 She smiles but her eyes are closed.

 She looks at me.
 She looks down. And so on! Our Selfie game was NOT working that night!
 Time for presents! Actually Addie just wanted to clear the presents off of the coffee table. Apparently she likes a clean table.

 Opening presents. Ok, next year I will go with a gift bag for her. Ripping off the paper was a little bit of a struggle. Made worse by the fact that it was THICK paper.
 Cub Cubs was opening his present, which was by far WAY more interesting than Addie's present. So she crawled over to investigate.
 Whatcha got there brother?
 A Dog bone! I need a dog bone!! No Addie Jane, you do NOT!
 Momma had to help her open her presents.
 I think this picture is so sweet! Audra is reading her one of the books I got her, and she's standing up holding onto her Momma. Precious.

 I got to my last present and realized we forgot to take our pictures with our presents! Whoops! Isn't Audra's mantle in the background gorgeous? She is such a good decorator!
 And now the struggle to get our yearly tree picture ensues.
 This one isn't bad, despite the fact that I think Addie is blowing a Raspberry :)

 Now she's just laughing at me. "You think you're going to get a Pinterest worthy picture of us and the tree. Not tonight!! Muahahaha"

 Thankfully this year Audra's hubby was home, so we texted him to come downstairs and take our picture in front of the tree. A Self timer just wasn't going to do the trick with a 10 month old and a doggy! I can't even tell you the hilarity (to me) that ensued. 

Addie Jane was sleepy, so she wasn't her normally smiley self. Sitting on Momma's lap was just TOO MUCH for her. How dare we want to hold her still? Everytime her Daddy would get her to smile, then Cubbie would decide he wanted in the picture and photobomb us. We'd try to get him to sit down and be in the picture and then half of his body would be in it. it was an epic fail. And I thought it was hilarious. (I might have been the only one :) ) But seriously, it was funny! I told Ryan to take a picture when Addie was fussing, I think crying baby pictures are funny and we might as well remember what was REALLY going on. v.s the perfect pinterest we always want people to see.

 I can remember last Christmas when Audra was pregnant and us talking about how much different Christmas would be the next year, and how it would be so crazy to have another person in our Christmas pictures. So it might have taken a crazy long time to get one slightly passable picture.  And there might have been sweat and tears involved, but it was perfectly imperfect. I am so thankful for that little booger who didn't want to sit still and have her picture taken. I'm so thankful there is a little person that we had to work hard to get a  picture with. I'm thankful there is a little person to be in a picture!
Also hilarious, Cubbies face! 

 I have this white and gold watch that I got YEARS ago at Target. Audra loves it. She has tried to find one like it but to no avail. I found one that was close to mine, only white and silver, and immediately ordered it, I knew it would make a perfect gift for her!  We had to take a picture of our almost matching watches, and of course had to get the cutest little hand in it.

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