Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmastime is here.....

 I LOVE Christmas time! The lights! The Family! The Real meaning of Christmas! It's just my favorite time of year. I love decorating for Christmas and started early this year, but after seeing all of my on this day in years past on Facebook, I was apparently late to put my tree up! I put my tree up the Saturday before Thanksgiving. I was going to wait as I had a wedding that day, but then my power went off. And was off for hours. So up went the tree.
I always put my favorite i.e. breakable ornaments on my tree, and put them near the top, since I have so many little people in and out of my home. Well I put the breakable ones up top, and then left the rest for my students and their waiting siblings to do. I sent a picture to Auds and captioned it something like you know you have a lot of little kids in your house when all of your breakable ornaments are on the top half of your tree. She thought that was all the ornaments I was putting on. and needless to say was concerned about me. HA! I had a good laugh over that!

 I am lucky because my students and their little siblings LOVE to put ornaments on Miss Charity's tree. Last year I had a 3 year old little sister who put on 3 or 4 boxes of ornaments on the tree during her brother's 30 min lesson. Given that I'm not a fan of decorating my tree I will take all the free labor I can get!!
 I could sit in the dark by the light of my tree all year round.
 One of my helpers in action!

 I have mentioned my DIY for my sofa table and I am absolutely IN LOVE with it's Christmas decorations! I have dreamed for a long time of having a mantle to put decorations on, and now I have one!
 Greenery, clear lights and these very fragile but gorgeous clear and gold Angels that were my Grams.
 Shockingly none of my students have tried to touch them yet. We'll call that a win!!
 Here's what they look like without my contacts in! HA!
 Still haven't figured out how to hide all of my 89348932034829 cords. On the bottom shelf is Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem.
 My Mom graciously loaned me some chalkboard paint and I painted this picture frame that hasn't been hung up in over a year. I love re-purposing things! I had the idea to put a different song lyric on it each week but I am loving my o holy night.
 This view is from the hallway. I really should have made my pillows look nice before snapping this picture!

 And here we are in the Piano Studio! This is our music tree which holds all of the ornaments my studio has for each year. 2015's ornament will not be unveiled until next week!
 Our Piano Mascot Forte is hanging out in the front of the sleigh.
 This is our very first ornament!!
 While I didn't make this, it still fits the music theme of the tree.
 My Grandma gave me this ornament.
 Last year's ornament! I didn't show you the year in between that because it's looking rough.
 On the shelf by my (new!!) chair is this pretty light up Nativity scene, also passed down from my Grams.
 The Piano still has to be functional, so yes, there is hand sanitizer and off brand lysol on it. It's cold and flu season!
 I picked up these ADORABLE burlap flower arrangements last year at DG on clearance. If you look closely you can see there is music printed on the burlap! SO CUTE!!!
 And now we head into the bathroom. On the shelf is two cute Christmas cards I liked so much that I framed them. Between them is a blue mini mason jar with mini sparkly ornament balls.
 And on the very top is a snowman skiing, and the garland is supposed to be snow :)
 I'm not usually one for these window clings but i found them in my stuff and thought they were festive. I felt like my bathroom needed something else so i slapped them on!
 Back to the living room. My Grams had an obsession with light up Christmas Villages we are talking hundreds upon hundreds, maybe even a thousand. OBSESSION. After she passed, I kept a few that I liked and that reminded me of her. The top is a light up skating rink, then a church, and then a little village with a train that goes around it.  The plug for the train is MIA. I'm sure i'll find it when I pack everything up after Christmas.

And just so you're wondering, no I do not have a small blonde child in the blue tub, it's one of the dolls for the waiting room. #notacreeper

 This is the shelf behind my couch. It's kind of a hodge podge this year. I love my Nativity Set, also from my Grams, and VERY breakable. I have a hard enough time not breaking it, so I knew I had to put it somewhere where kids couldn't reach.
 The red thingy is also a chalk board sign that has a verse from Luke 2 on it. Along with a JOY sign, a few random trees, and two snowmen. Like I said, hodge podge!
 Now we make our way into the kitchen where I really struggled with pics. This is a shelf on the side of my fridge, I look at this while I'm sitting at my desk (aka kitchen table) like I am right now!
 Someone posted a meme on fb this past week, like and share if you had one of these trees growing up. I had to laugh since I had one right now! I think they are cute! Of course I had to keep one of my Grams barns to put beside it.
 This shelf is a tad awkward but oh well! It has some of my favorite things on it! The Carolers is a wind up singing thingy. From 1983! the snowman lights up, my grams had it at her house and everytime I would go to her house I would turn it on. Even if she wasn't home she would know I had been there when she saw the snowman lighting up :)
 Full shot of the decorated shelves. The bottom shelf has office supplies, so nothing interesting.
The long kitchen counter has a snowman sledding, an angel playing a violin, and some decorative red glass vases. I thought I took a picture of the Large one in the opposite corner, but apparently not! 

I didn't get pics of all of my decorations, but this is most of them! I LOVE this time of year and the memories that special items bring back to me!


Life As The Coats said...

I LOVE it all! So cute and festive!! The chalkboard sign is adorable :)

Sarita @ it's my girls' world said...

Such happy decorations!!! Love that you let all the littles decorate too.

Stopping by from the link up!
<3 Sarita it's my girls' world

Trac~ said...

Very cute decorations and I love the tree! :)

Debbie said...

I love all of your Christmas decorations. I could sit and watch the lights every day, all year long, too. Merry Christmas to you and your family.