Saturday, December 12, 2015


 Life Lately has been in a word.. Crazy. Insane. Exhausting. BUSY. Oh wait, that was more than one word. Well you get the point! From the middle to end of November it has been non stop busyiness for me. It's the most wonderful time of the year, but also the busiest for a Musician! One wedding, two solo concerts, and my Studio's Christmas recital, in the span of about 3 and 1/2 weeks. Sweet Nibbletts!  Here is a peek inside the madness....

 The first event in November was a Wedding I was playing at. I haven't played at a wedding in several years. I used to do TONS of weddings back in college days to earn money. however it had been awhile since I had played for one. So I said sure why not! I was so nervous that I would get sick before hand. I was exposed to the stomach flu not once, but twice by students that week, and I spent my time praying I'd stay well and taking all the vitamins I could handle. thankfully I did not succomb to the flu! But I was having the start of what turned into a  terrible sinus infection. I digress.

I woke up the morning of the wedding, healthy and happy. And then.. my power went out.. and stayed off until 20 mins before I needed to leave. Which meant no shower and washing my mess of hair. Thankfully some bobby pins and a LOT of hairspray calmed it down a little.
 Since I had no power and seemingly nothing to do in my 1994 pre internet world, I decided to decorate the top half of my tree with my breakable ornaments, i.e. the ones I don't let my students put up.
 I was pretty excited to play on a baby grand piano, not gonna lie! It was nice, the seat was REALLY nice, hello padded piano bench! But after almost 2 hours of playing on it I cam to the conclusion I liked the touch and tone of my piano better.
 These shots are all after the wedding but give you an idea of the set up. Thankfully I had 6 bridesmaids standing in front of me, but during the prelude and postlude I was on full display. Eeks. The only bad thing about having 6 bridesmaids in front of you, is not being able to see the door where the bride is coming through. I had to lean to the side and hunker down (almost falling off the bench) to look through legs to find the door and know when to play.  #PianistProblems
 Also taken after the wedding. My face is happy that it went well! During the wedding I escaped thru the pink curtains above, and stood behind them backstage while the couple got married. And I mean STOOD. It was an old building with super creaky wood floors. I legit stood in one place and did not move in fear of everyone hearing.
It was slightly dark back there with only one single light bulb.

 The day before Thanksgiving I got to have a Skype lunch date with both of my nephews! It's so weird to say Nephews, I am so used to saying My Nephew and now I have to distinguish between the big and little! They are both the cutest little boys EVER!! Not that I'm biased at all.....
 The week after Thanksgiving found me at another Piano, playing for a Christmas Dinner. Have Piano, will entertain.
 The Piano I was playing on just so happened to be the Piano my students would be playing on the following week for our Christmas Recital, so I made sure to snap some extra pics of it for the first time Recital Students.
This week it was abnormally warm for the midwest in December. We're talking 50's and 60's! It was so warm that one day I taught with the window open. And as i'm finishing up this blog post on my couch, I have my living room window open as well! Weird, but I'm not complaining about the lack of snow.

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