Monday, January 18, 2016

Christmas 2015 Recap Part 2- Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin come to IN!

The day after Christmas the people we really wanted to see showed up! The Nephews and their parents :) came to Indiana and we were all so excited!! Snugglemuffin loves to open presents and he also loves to help. Every year he helps Nana bring in the presents from under the tree, and I snap a picture of his long legs and wonder how he got so big!

I REALLY wondered how he got so big this year, because for the first time instead of having to ask who each present was to, he was able to "read" the tags and figure out the person from the first Initial of their name! I WAS FLOORED. I mean I always knew he was a genius, but seriously!
My camera doesn't quite keep up with a busy 5 yr old, so he was having a great time trying to get to me with the gifts before the camera snapped a picture.
Snugglemuffin and his fake smile. Love him! I asked him to come over so I could test out my camera without the flash.
Opening a gift from Auntie.
Still working on it, Auntie likes the tape.
Still working...
Time to call in for reinforcements.
Since last year I broke my 4 year streak of not giving annoyingly noisy presents, and gave him a Keyboard so he could play piano like Auntie Charity. This year I just went for it and got him his first digital camera! #BestAuntieEver
He was rather excited about it! Still have a bit to work on with showing him HOW to take just one picture and not keep clicking the button and take 7 pictures of the same thing, but it is a start!
Lovemuffin wasn't too into opening presents, so his Momma helped him out. I got him My Pal Scout after a recommendation from one of my students.
Sidenote, notice how he is holding onto his Momma's necklace for dear life. I don't know why, but i thought it was funny! It's so sweet to see how much he loves his Momma. I hope he is always like that!
Snugglemuffin is very good at cleaning up wrapping paper. He would always bunch it up and throw it away before he looked at his present. Always the helper!
I didn't bore you with the whole series, but after I got back home and looked at my pictures I realized I had an entire set of pictures of Snugglemuffin opening gifts, and his parents trying to get My Pal Scout out of it's box. If any of y'all buy that for your loved ones, I would recommend opening it for them before wrapping it up!
I think it's funny that Father and Son are in the same exact position here trying to open things.
Lovemuffin got to try out his high chair and best of all got the holy grail to snack on. Cheerios.
Just saving some for later.
I mean stop. I can't even handle his cuteness!!! Look at those eyes! And his SCHMOOPY cheeks!! Eeks!
He is distracted that Auntie is getting close to him. Thank you Cheerio's!
I love my new little table buddy!
Playing with new toys
The relationship this father and son has is just so sweet. Snugglemuffin LOVES his Daddy!
He also really loves Nana's Strawberry cake. And really most of what she cooks. This boy LOVES food, (he is one of us after all!) and he knows what he wants Nana to make when he comes to visit. I think it's hilarious!
He loves Nana's rolls, chips and dip, and her cinnamon rolls.

My special thing with Snuglemuffin is to watch a Charlie Brown episode together on my computer. I got him his first CB book for his 1'st birthday and he is a huge fan of CB. I love that it's something special we get to do together! And I'd be lying if I said I didn't love his cuddles while we watch it!
He was cracking me up! We watched an episode I hadn't seen before, Snoopy, Come Home. In this picture above Snugglemuffin is yelling RUN SNOOPY RUN!!!!! (I was laughing so hard I could barely take the picture!)
Snoopy is still running, and Snugglemuffin is getting nervous!
Something funny happened, and Snugglemuffin was laughing really hard. He has come up with this new thing
At this point Charlie Brown and Snoopy are about to get in trouble. I look at Snugglemuffin and he has his hand over his face, I asked him why and he tells me "I just can't see them get in trouble!" he has such a tender heart.
Playing with some of his presents.

Liz and I are sitting on the floor in the family room hanging out with A. until he decides to leave both of us, and crawl out into the empty kitchen to stare at the fan. Crazy kid!
What are you taking a picture of???!
On the move!
He is so funny, when he crawls and sits he sits on the side like in this picture. I guess it must be comfy to him? Those little jeans KILL me! He couldn't be cuter if he tried!
Staring and trying to figure out what is going on....
This is what he was staring at. Snugglemuffin was on Nana's exercise bike workin on his fitness.
And enjoying it!
Note my boot in the picture, proof he let me get close to him. And can we just take a minute to look at the curls that are coming to his hair? Eeks! SO CUTE!
He was a fan of Auntie's CAT truck.
He never quite figured out how to get on it, but he sure had a good time trying!
Watching Nana put batteries in the truck. This is note worthy because his Momma had taken his big brother upstairs to rest and was reading him his book. Lovemuffin stayed downstairs with Nana and Auntie and DID NOT CRY!!! I was so proud of him! IN fact he only whimpered a little bit when Nana went into the other room to put away the extra batteries. When she came back he was fine! Slowly but surely he will learn to love us!
These two are two peas in a pod. This boy LOVES his Grandpa and the feeling is mutual. Auntie enjoys hearing Grandpa's voices when he reads. :)
Just so precious. I will miss when B can read and we don't get to read to him anymore :(
The morning before they left I realized I hadn't gotten very many pics, so I made B take some with me.
He's looking at the selfie screen. but he is smiling!
This is the face I get when I tell him to smile with his teeth! ha!

Playing Tractors with Grandpa before they go bye bye.

Grandpa's legs make good roads.
Right before they left Nana decided to try and hold Lovemuffin. If you can tell from hims face he was not so pleased.
This looks like a really sweet picture. But in reality he was not having it!

Lunging for his Mama.
Theennnnnn Grandpa tried to hold him.
Epic Fail. But doesn't that baby look so cute even though he's crying?!
I wasn't going to scar my baby nephew for life, so I got a picture with my big boy.
Then we thought maybe if his Momma held him and big brother was in the picture he would be ok. not so much. I laugh everytime i see this picture, i think it's hilarious! When he is older and LOVES his Auntie Charity I am going to remind him of this, basically for the rest of his life.
Can you see the tears still on his cheeks?! Poor lil guy. Tortured by those who love him. life is rough!
He is stinkin adorable even upset!

Even though it was a short visit, I had a great time spending time with my Snugglemuffin and Lovemuffin. Those two have my heart!

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